9 and 10 June 2014: Summer Reading Madness

Summer Reading launched on Monday! It’s been a slower start because we started before the kids were out of school (I wanted to nail down a start day and their last day kept getting pushed back by snow) but once school ended today, we were slammed. Four people on desk answering nonstop questions and doing sign-ups simultaneously. It was almost as busy last night after our kick-off program – I ended up staying an hour late to help out. I am so, so exhausted – but it really is fun.

And hey, the tshirt isn’t half as bad as others have been! Good art and a non-offensive color. Yay.


Fizz Boom Read SRP shirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, VL hairwrap, White Cliff flats

Do the pants look weird rolled like this? I thought it seemed sort of retro and fun, but does it? At least they fall on a more flattering part of my leg?

Also, it may be summer reading, but it’s been 60 and rainy the last two days. I do NOT want a summer like this. When the kids can’t swim, they spend all day at the library being fussy. No fun.


Loft Sunkissed tee, Limited skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, vintage heart pin, sandals

I feel like this shirt requires hot weather and it wasn’t today. But I didn’t want to try and find something else that worked, ha.



I was organizing a closet this weekend and found this hair cage! I got it at the renaissance fair a few summers back – and promptly chopped off my hair, ha. Now I can do it again. Lots of different styles, can’t wait to play.

Then, sigh.


My sad, sad face after I walked down to get a falafel pita for lunch and as I was adding some Jerusalem salad, it fell on the tray – and my clothes. And then I walked back and it rained on me! COME ON.  And then I stopped at a local Mexican place for dinner because they were donating 20% of the meal to a local disability foundation and walked home in more rain. And my umbrella came back from a friend broken, which, that was a surprise! But when my Krissy is visiting next week, I can stop by the Art Institute and pick up a new one I’ve had my eye on the last two visits. So, you know. I guess it worked out.


3 thoughts on “9 and 10 June 2014: Summer Reading Madness

  1. I like the rolled up pants! I have a pair of Old Navy jeans that I roll up too because I don’t like how traditional capris look on me.

    Also, I don’t miss the SRP shirt days! My favorite was the pirate year…our shirts rocked that year!


    • Ha, I missed the pirates! That does sound like a fun year. I think this year might be my favorite – there are two, and I love Dan Santat’s art and the other is more YA based, so it’s cooler. I’ll wear it soon.


  2. Good-looking, smart girl in terrific outfits. You look soooo cute and cool … keep up your good taste for clothing!!!

    PS: your rolled jeans fit perfect with your shoes and make you cool; you might try them also with sandals like those black in the pic below


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