June 2014 catch up!

I went poof! I didn’t mean to do that, oops. I headed to my parents for the weekend and then my dear friend Kristine came in for a few days to visit. We spent a lot of our time on my couch talking and being fannish and it was such a lovely time. We’ve been friends for, I think, about 18 years – we met when I was 15, online. But she lives across the country so we haven’t seen each other in nearly 14 years, since I was one of her bridesmaids. SO CRAZY. There will definitely not be a 14 year gap before we see each other again. xx



Forever 21 striped top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, bubble necklace, White Cliff flats

Watch how the weather changes, friends.


Anthropologie fluttered hem top, Old Navy Flirt capris, circle necklace, anthropologie hair tie, David Tate sandals


Harbor sweatshirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, gym shoes

This was Saturday night – we were outside by the lit firepit and it was very cold.



Gap top, Old Navy Flirt capris, David Tate sandals, Bingo

Photo by Kristine! Obviously warmer. Humid, even.



Kristine: Costco dress, Merona leggings, handknit socks, gym shoes

Me: Old Navy floral top, Old Navy Sweetheart shorts, David Tate sandals

OMG HOT. Between Sunday’s growing humidity and Wednesday morning, we were in the 90s. 90s! Not usual! The weather decided to give northwestern gal Kristine a little midwestern gift of Super Summery Weather, I guess. We had a lot of fans blowing on us, since I don’t have AC. (And when the unit does go in, it goes in the bedroom not living room!) And the day she left? 70s. AUGH.

But hey, new shorts! Ones bought to fit me, instead of making cutoffs from too big jeans. So now I can wear tops that show the waistband, which I couldn’t do with the other pair because of the gaping. And I have $10 off a $25+ purchase for the next week, so, score. I might get a new pair of jeans. I’d like to get a new top or two, because I am struggling to find things to wear that feel right this summer. I’m not sure what’s up with that. I like my clothes, they just don’t feel like who I want to be right now. But Krissy and I did watch a few hours of Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which made me want to wear pretty dresses again, so maybe I’ll start dressing up for work again.

But really – it was so great to have a few days with my friend – to talk big things, and to sit comfortably quiet together and to geek out over fandom things (like singing along to the Buffy musical soundtrack together!). I am so lucky to have a friend like her.



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