19 and 20 June 2014: Lullaby of Broadway

This is one of those outfits I hope my mother doesn’t find. I was pushed for time and the skirt I planned to wear didn’t work with this top and then I remembered the shorts I got last year and figured that if our male parttimers could wear denim and khaki shorts to work, I could rock some tap pants. And then I added heels.

Sorry, Mom.


anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Loft shorts, Hue socks, Naturalizer Mary Jane heels

Apparently my hair stays up when twisted and not just braided! Things you learn when running 5 minutes late and just needing it to do something.


Forever 21 cross back skater dress, ANA tied cardigan, XO Crown necklace, Keds Champion sneakers

And apparently on Friday, I felt like continuing the dancer trend. I don’t know.

Okay. These shoes. I declared it Summer of the Navy Ked awhile back – end of May, maybe? Certainly before The Fault in Our Stars came out. Let’s just get that fact down. I had declared it Summer of the Ked early. Because I saw TFIOS opening weekend and damn it all if Hazel Grace Lancaster didn’t spend 90% of the movie in navy Keds. But I did it first, I swear. It’s documented!

This happened with my first pair of Converse, too. I got the cutest pair of pink high top Converse in the spring, and then a few weeks later Hilary Duff came out with A Cinderella Story and there she was in all of the promo posters wearing MY shoes.

Clearly I am very good at predicting things. I just wish those things weren’t so visibly teen movies. It was annoying when I was 23 (I didn’t wear them much after those posters, damn it) and head shakey now that it’s ten years later. SIGH.


5 thoughts on “19 and 20 June 2014: Lullaby of Broadway

  1. I think that a pair of modest shorts paired with a nice top is very work appropriate. I used to dress that way for work all the time. In fact, in the ’90s they sold shorts suits – I had a madras plaid one. It is not like you are wearing actual tap pants like Ann Miller wore under costumes. One of my favorites do far! A ’30s feel but totally modern,


    • Thank you! I really had fun wearing it. And I’m lucky to work in a place where no one blinked an eye at my wearing shorts and heels.

      I admit to some curiosity as to what the madras plaid short suit looks like. *g* That sounds fun.


  2. I like the shorts outfit – it’s very cute & seems work-appropriate enough. I do recall you declaring the navy Ked’s as the shoe of the summer – any predictions for autumn yet?


  3. you look so adorable in both looks. how dd everyone like your outfits? the black shorts are darling and the mary janes and white socks are pefect togther. love the skater dress with the sneakers and whitebobby socks


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