Project 365 Dual Update

Last weekend I had Krissy over, which delayed my Project 365 post, but never fear: I have been persevering! Today was a quiet recovery day, filled with graphics making and pajamas, which makes it a perfect time to upload this weeks’ too.


8/A D-Day OTR performance. The place was decorated like a 50s hop for another program, which was funny, but here is the rousing finale of the Army Air Corp song, 9/The launch of our Summer Reading! This hangs over our desk, 10/An astronaut in the library lobby, 11/Walked a new route home and came across the clear home of a Pinterest fan, 12/The Time (Lord) section of the Kids Room for SRP, 13/Sun dapped sidewalks in my favorite park for lunch walks, 14/My Bingo Baby!!


15/Sunday morning on the back porch with Bingo Baby and his new buddy, 16/A cucumber jalapeno margarita, out at dinner with my Lady K, 17/A gorgeous assortment of shawls knit (and often designed) by Kristine – definitely made me want to pull out new projects!, 18/Little yarn balls Krissy made from some yarn barf that had been living in my yarn tubs, 19/A geocaching journal I found misshelved in our Classics section – so cool, 20/Stephen Hawking adorning the door of our workroom, 21/Testing out my new resuable K-cup with seriously delicious Portland coffee from Kristine!

It’s going so well to do the weekly collages. I don’t know why I can’t manage to upload to Flickr – it’s, like, 3 clicks every day. I’ll find a rhythm soon enough, I guess.


What do you think?

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