24-28 June 2014: Running from Behind

This has been a maddeningly busy week! Lots of things going on. Next week is likely to be even busier. I am going to pre-emptively say there will be few to no posts next week, just in case. Three day work week, holiday weekend, lots of running around. We’ll see.



anthropologie top, Gap camisole, Old Navy Flirt capris, flea market choker, Keds Champions

I got this choker way back in 1994, I think, when I went with my cousin to visit her grandparents in Florida. I loved it and this may be the first or second time I’ve worn it, ha. The star is lovely and iridescent.

I like this top and I know both the reasons why I bought it, but I regret it. It never lives up to what I want it to be. I should have bought the Scotty dog tee instead. 😦


anthropologie blouse, Old Navy Flirt capris, anthropologie hairband, Keds Champions

My manager said I looked very Downton Abbey, with the hairband and top – I should try the top half with my grey maxi skirt and see how it fits together.

I totally got stormed on, walking home. Like, worried I’d be struck by lightning/tornado sirens went off five minutes after I got home stormed on. I was also worried about this top, which stains with water. So glad I brought my rain jacket to work that day, and it zipped to the top and kept the top perfectly dry. Whoo.


anthropologie Here and There tee, Old Navy Flirt capris, necklace, Keds Champions

Ha, I seem to have been on a theme last week – anthro top and capris. I was super nervous about news we were maybe expecting that day, which meant I applied all the makeup. And then we heard nothing. Oh, well.

I love the green and blue together, I love the Keds with no-show socks, and I love finally being able to wear that shirt without a cardigan and letting the sleeves shine. Such a lovely, simple top with a great drape.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Flirt capris, XO Crown necklace, anthropologie hairband, Keds Champions

I really love how this came out – I like the vibrant pink with the dark blue, and I like wearing this hairband. I usually try to dress a little nicer when I’m Librarian in Charge, but Thursday morning was crazy and involved driving and I went cute and adorable instead. A sort-of patron complimented it – and then commented on how she was surprised my boss let me wear things like this. Well, when you are paid to crawl on the floor under tables to fix computers and into tents to clean up, you get to wear things like this, okay?

(Also, I fell into bed and forgot to take a photo the day of, so I did it this morning, ha! I liked the outfit, I wanted a record.)


Theme dress, Forever 21 flower, Modcloth sandals

And for something totally new. After the patron comment, I went for a dress. I haven’t been feeling dresses lately, which is so out of character. Usually when stressed, I go for my comfort silhouette, a fit and flair, but I am all about the capris and Keds this summer. I liked wearing this dress, and I still love it, but the style isn’t who I’m feeling like these days, I guess. I like the straighter lines of the pants and shoes. I want more simple tops – I’m having a hard time connecting to the ones in my closet. They feel too fussy, or too suited to a style I am apparently taking a break from.


August Silk sweater, Old Navy shorts, Modcloth sandals

My friend Liss came to town for dinner and drinks – the place it pretty casual, but can be pretty nice, so this felt like a good compromise. A coworker found this top for me at a clothes swap, and this was the first time I tried it out. I like it a lot, and my strapless bra stayed up nicely – I think I can swing it for work. (The back curves the same as the front, so bra straps are quite visible.)



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