Dressing Room!

I tried this dress on Friday, and was torn. The fabric is amazing, soft and silky. The print is gorgeous. It stretched a tiny bit over my chest, showing a bit of bra on one side, but a different bra could fix that. It’s a little low cut, and while it fits my hips great, I feel like maybe the waist is a bit big? It’s Free People and $30, which is cheap for Free People and expensive for consignment…


I feel like I almost am madly in love with it, but I’m not sure. Maybe I needed a different size? Maybe it’s just not for me? I can’t decide.

Ohhhh, I bet I love it because it’s so similar to Lizzie Bennet’s. Hmm. That might tip me over to liking it, if it’s still there. But ugh, the waist.

I did pick up this top, though, for my Rapunzel look at Disney this fall:

20140628-221000.jpg 20140628-221006.jpg

I’d anticipated it with the skirt, since she’s all about flowers, but I don’t think it’ll be super comfortable for a day in Disney. The shorts are less thematic, but I can side braid my hair and put in half a dozen flower bobbypins and the effect should be generally recognizable. I think the top emphasizes my pear shape, which I am not a fan of, but the color and style was just so perfect, and it was only $4.


6 thoughts on “Dressing Room!

  1. The top with the skirt is so adorable!!! We had Disneyland passes last year, and I almost always wore a dress or skirt! (Especially if said skirt or dress had pockets!!) I never found it to be annoying or inappropriate.

    But then again, I wear a skirt or dress pretty much 24/7, if it’s “appropriate” or not!

    That first dress is super cute, but a tad pricey for consignment!!! Maybe watch for a sale?

    ❤ Jules


    • My last trip, I was mostly in dresses, too – they tend to be super comfortable for walking, which I love. That skirt is one of my more fitted ones, so we’ll see how it goes – shorts may be best that day. But I’m definitely looking forward to rocking some cute Disneybound dresses, hee.

      The dress price is throwing me, too – I think it goes down to $23 in a week, so we’ll see if it’s still there. And if any of my stuff sells in the meantime, that will cut the price even more! Fingers crossed.


  2. I like the dress! I don’t think it looks too big, but if you’re worried, maybe a wide-ish belt to cinch it a bit? $30 is a lot… but I once found a pair of jeans that made my butt look awesome (that doesn’t usually happen) and they were $21, which seemed high for a resale shop. But when I discovered they were originally $196, they became my first (and only) pair of designer jeans, for less than I’d normally buy “regular” jeans for, so.


    • Ooh, a belt might look nice! Pricing is always interesting…since this is Free People, there’s a good chance this dress was over $100 originally. Then $30 or $23 at the next cut seems more reasonable. But still, hmm. I guess we’ll see if I find it again, ha.


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