Project 365 catch up

Still playing catch up! I spent 95% of my three day weekend on the couch reading, catching up on TiVo or both. Usually both. I think I read 7 books this weekend. And watched so much TV that when there was an altercation outside my window and I turned around to see what was happening a minute into it, my instinct was to want to rewind.

I shouldn’t admit that.

Here are my last two weeks of project 365:


23/Concert in the park on a lovely Sunday evening in my old neighborhood – I always meant to check one out.

24/World Cup on TV. I like being part of something, even if my only real soccer knowledge comes from Danny on Sports Night being furious about the sheer pointlessness of a 0-0 tie. I like the excitement, and I’ve enjoyed the games.

25/Stormy weather. I could see the clouds rolling in. I raced home, even running for a block or two. Alas. I did not beat the storms. Soaked. But happily not struck by lightning.

26/Lovely sunset on a surprise drive to my parents.

27/Spoon flower art my parents found. They have a few pieces by the artist around their house and they are all awesomely whimsical.

28/A patron donated a ton of vintage Barbie gear to our department – everyone has envy of this Barbie plane.

29/Honeydew gazpacho from a dinner out with my friend Liss! This soup was AMAZING. Total kick of pepper over the cool cream. I want it every week.



29/I was stressed and anxious and that took the form of obsessing over needing purple nail polish. And then I liked the blue, too.

30/Media station! Monday was a crazy day and I found myself answering three phones, tracking my brother, documenting things and lining up interviews. (And taking four hours to eat that single muffin for breakfast.) It was a ton of fun and I am so glad I won’t have to do it again.

1/Celebratory ice cream! I’ve been wanting Coldstone ever since my birthday plans fell through and now I got it. They didn’t have peach pie filling, but apple pie + cake + sprinkles made up for it.

2/Homemade popsicles! Coldstone was a lot of calories and so I have homemade yogurt pops that are only 50 calories and just as yummy. Even if they lake cake. And sprinkles. They have cheer and whimsy instead.

3/Perk of working in a library – books come in early. I snatched up one of our many copies of Chris Colfer’s latest book to read over the long weekend. It was a delight – he’s a great storyteller. Can’t wait for book 4. (PS, the nails are the Xtreme Wear in Violet Voltage. Love.)

4/Fireworks! I didn’t think it would happen, but I got myself to the end of the block and watched some fireworks through the trees. \o/ I love fireworks, but thought I’d have to wait for Disney for some.

5/5 of the 7 books I read over this weekend. (Not pictured: A Grimm Warning and Marshall Field’s: The Store that Helped Build Chicago.) I’ve missed my romances. I think this was the last LM Montgomery I hadn’t read and it was a disappointment – the storytelling was complex and the characters deeply real, and I appreciated the darkness and passion that she barely touched on in her previous works, but it lacked magic. And, sadly, did not lack a terrible racist ending.



What do you think?

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