7, 8 and 9 July 2014: Weirdly Busy

We went from 90 Monday to 80 Tuesday and barely that yesterday and were still overrun with kids who should have been outside. I don’t get it!


Charlotte Russe floral hi-lo dress, Merona cropped cardigan, Charlotte Russe hairband, Aerosole wedges

I’m trying to get my style mojo back. I have mixed feelings – on one hand, I love my dresses and I want to wear them. On the other, I love the more casual look of my Keds. I’m sure to find the balance in September…


Disney Snow White tee, JCrew button skirt, pencil necklace, Keds Champions

Look look look what Krissy bought me for my birthday! (Arrived late due to mail mix up.)




Back in high school, my birthday started getting called Lead Awareness Day (my friend lived across from a paint shop; May 11 is, indeed, Lead Awareness Day) and it’s sort of stuck. And now Krissy found me actual adorable lead to wear for Lead Awareness Day! I am so charmed and I love it so much. Thank you again, Lady K!



Zara floral dress, Keds Champions

This is missing something and I’m not sure what. I set off to work feeling incomplete. Oh, well. It happens.


5 thoughts on “7, 8 and 9 July 2014: Weirdly Busy

  1. Happy belated Lead Awareness & Birthday day! Super clever gift from your pal too! My bday is National Beer Day! Yah! Win-win!
    I feel for you regarding a lull in fashion mojo. I’m pretty much living in leggings & Old Navy shelf-bra cami’s. Been up to my up with school stuff still. Whee!
    Btw, if you dig unique necklaces – one of my fav necklace makers is Ornamental Things out of Austin. My most fav necklace from her got swiped at a hair salon that makes you remove your necklace & earrings. The rat bastards.


    • Ha!! I love it. Lots of things to celebrate on that day and great ways to celebrate, too.

      What’s your school timeline? Are you feeling closer to the end yet? It’s hard to muster up cuteness energy when dealing with school.

      Ooh, I will have to check them out – my cousin lives around there and I will let her know, too.


  2. Looking like late 2015 or early 2016. If that last class was any indication, sheesh – might be longer. I researched stuff for over a month before I even began to write my essays – which took another month to finish. I have another final exam in a week & then will take a week or so off to gather my marbles and clean my house! Then back at it. Yah!
    I went to college (the first time) in Texas, although not in Austin, but in Denton & still – I would find any excuse to drive to Austin. Love that town so dang much. Kooks of all ages, endless music options, and super unique boutiques. Note to self: find new excuse to get on a plane & find myself in Austin for a few days.


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