10 and 11 July 2014: fancy

I live the lengths of these skirts. So flattering – I need to remember this!


anthopologie Here and There tee, Sag Harbor skirt, lead awareness necklace, Lifestyle sandals

It’s always good to be dressed up on days you spontaneously end up spending an hour in the assistant director’s office dealing with problem patrons. This is a fun skirt to wear, and I never remember that.



anthropologie Melora dress, Loft cardigan, Lead Awareness pencil necklace, Modcloth sparkle sandals

It’s been in the 70s all week (rumor has it that the Polar Vortex is making a return this summer), but I’ve missed wearing this dress. It’s so cheery and the length and fit is just perfect. I could have a dozen dresses in this pattern and I’d be thrilled. I also love how the yellow and pink look – I originally had red sandals on, which looked great with the dress but less good with the pink. I also learned that my sky blue cardigan looks good with it, too. Next time!

I also wanted to wear it because I’m a dork. Two Julys ago, I went to Chris Colfer’s book signing and wore this dress. It always makes me think of him because of his inability to determine its color, and he was back in town for signing yesterday and today. I didn’t go to either because I wasn’t up for the crowds, but wearing it made me smile anyway, hee.


2 thoughts on “10 and 11 July 2014: fancy

  1. Both outfits are so cute! Love that dress though. Especially with the hot pink cardigan!!

    I’m hoping we get some of that “polar vortex” this week out here in California! Would be nice, especially since I have to fire up the ovens for some major baking this week!!

    ❤ Jules


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