16,17,18 July 2014: summer breeze

I seem to keep going poof. I’m sorry! Part of it is that I’m tired after work these days (2 more weeks of summer reading!), part of it is that I keep going for long walks after work because it’s so gorgeous, and then, I keep making after work plans, too. All good things, but still, ha.


Charlotte Russe bow back top, Old Navy Flirt capris, JCrew Jackie cardigan, antique key necklace, Dankso sandals

Polar vortex, man. I was actually cold walking to work. I got a vanilla steamer on my way home. I’m listening to my usual autumnal jazz and classical songs. This weather is messing with my seasonal rhythms! I didn’t even get to show off the bows in the back this time because I needed a cardi at all times.

Forever 21 had a sale and I picked up a few new things. One is a royal blue skirt to DisneyBound as Anna, only $5. It’s a bit more fitted than I normally like my skirts, but sizing up to a large would make it too big at the waist. I’m still debating what I want to do with that. I don’t think I can count on losing weight with my new exercise class. But I also picked up a beige tube crop top, which is a dream for wearing over my bra with white or open tops. No more orange peeking through! (Yes, orange. Not on purpose. The website’s color was NOT ACCURATE. But it’s a good fit, so, you know. I deal.)


Gap tank, Persaman circle skirt, ANA cardigan, pencil necklace, Dankso sandals

I sort of love how this came out – little bit retro, little bit gypsy. I was so excited for these sandals when I got them, but it’s taken me awhile to make them feel very comfortable. Lots of adjustments, but I think we’re there now. Fingers crossed.


Max Studio tie front blouse, Old Navy Flirt capris, BP cardigan, anthropologie hairband, Angel Wear necklace, Keds Champions

Don’t I look cheery?? This was an early morning shot. I’ve been waking up early and tired for a few weeks now, which is rather aggravating. What’s the point of a sleep mask if the sun wakes you up anyway? I tried a new one last night and still woke at 7:30. Blarghy.

This top is surprisingly versatile – I think I’m going to be able to take it into autumn with darker colored cardigan, which is good. It looked great with my mint Kate Spade one, too, but that cardi was a little too heavy for mid80s. But in September, it’ll be great.



4 thoughts on “16,17,18 July 2014: summer breeze

  1. They make blackout curtains, which suck, so I ended up making my own. Bought the curtain fabric and the thickest blackout material I could find & ran it through the sewing machine. Came out pretty nice actually & is way more blackoutty than pre-made versions. The downside is waking up in super darkness. I hate that, but the husband digs it. It kinda messes with my circadian rhythm.
    Love the circle skirt btw, the colors are beautiful.


    • I actually do have a pair! They are eggplant and dark and I was so annoyed once I realized I could have bought prettier and cheerier ones in the Target kid section. SIGH. I’m too cheap to rebuy. Unless I bring them to a homesale swap this fall, HMMMMMM. But anyway, they are currently less useful because my window AC is in and it disrupts its line, I think.

      The skirt is so fun, fairly different from my others, but I love wearing it. A coworker found it at a swap and gave it to me rather than redoing the waist to fit her. I’m thrilled with it.


  2. great outfits 🙂 I especially love the retro gypsy, I think that’s a good look for you! And I could almost see this being really cool with your braids around your head as the American Girl Kirsten homage. It’s got that nordic flare maybe? 🙂

    For the snug skirt, is there any modifying that you could do? Is it just the waistband or the whole thing?


    • Thank you! I’m digging the gypsy look, too. And oh, yes, I think that would be awesome – I’m definitely going to try that next time, thank you for the idea! It’ll make me smile even if no one else gets it.

      It’s just the waistband – when I fold it down, it’s fine and comfortable. But that looks unsightly. I’ll play with it, and see if I can make it work, and keep an eye out for other skirts, too, I guess!


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