Project 365, July style



6/Krissy recommended this ginger and it is AMAZING. Combined with cherries for my morning fridge oatmeal and it can’t be beat. (It’s also a fab snack.)

7/Lead Awareness Day necklace from my Lady K, which came from Wild Ivy Boutique. It just makes me smile to wear it.

8/Went for a walk with my friend in her town and saw the stump of a 152 year old tree. I love the details they added!

9/I finally mastered the Jacobs Ladder!!! I’m very proud of myself.

10/Very weird street art seen on another walk.

11/My coworker went to ALA and brought back the 3D Caldecott/Newbery Banquet booklet. It’s pretty fab.

12/Saturday reading. Nun was super fascinating, about the author’s experience becoming a nun from her time in nun boarding school (1957-1961), through her novitiate, and until she left in the late 60s.



13/I see this kitty in the window on almost every walk I take. He’s a cutie.

14/Hanging with Indiana and my coworkers for a few hours on a Monday afternoon. Last Crusade, of course, because it’s the best of them all.

15/New walk route took me through a park that just used to be one family’s yard and grounds. It’s huge. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in a house like that and have all that land!

16/Vanilla steamer!! It was in the 60s in July. It had to be done.

17/Dennis the Dinosaur modeling one of our final prizes in the SRP. I’m not sure who added the hat, but it definitely adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

18/Town decided to take Paris’s idea of Love Locks and added them to an underpass.

19/Reading the Lizzie Bennet Diaries eBook in the park on a cool July evening. ❀



4 thoughts on “Project 365, July style

  1. Haha about the Paris lock thing. The husband and I were walking the big bridge awhile back and saw some newlyweds attaching their lock to the bridge railing & taking a bunch of selfies. By the time we walked over the bridge and were heading back across, the lock had already been cut off by the bridge cops/maintenance folks. They do not cotton to the whole lock thing apparently. Funny thing, everyone we know who has done a symbolic lock type thing are all separated or divorced.


    • Ha! Oh, poor newlyweds. Let’s hope it’s not a sign. πŸ˜‰ Though apparently just doing it is a bad sign – that’s a sad statistic among your friends and acquaintances!!! Yikes. I hadn’t even heard of this trend until Parks and Rec last season.


  2. excited that you liked the ginger! I got some trail mix recently that had pieces of candied ginger in it (with roasted almonds, craisins, dried papaya, and dark chocolate chips) and I’m gonna try and recreate something similar, maybe with some of TJ’s coconut flakes and their unsweetened dried mango since I have those on hand…

    Agree about the Last Crusade πŸ™‚ I had a poster of it on my bedroom wall for few years πŸ™‚ I *may* have had a crush on Harrison Ford πŸ˜‰

    and a big YAY for park reading!


    • Ooh, that sounds super yummy!! I like your thinking – let me know how your recreating goes.

      Harrison Ford is a very big reason why I wanted to be an archaeologist for most of my life! I wanted to do what he did – preferably with him, ha. I crushed madly on him.


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