31 July and 1 and 4 August 2014: End of Summer

End of summer reading, at any rate. I can’t believe its August already. And there are pumpkin spice latte coffee packs in stores.



Merona tank, Forever 21 circle skirt, BP cardigan, necklace, Kenneth Cole Reaction heels

I super love how this came out – colors, proportions, etc. I love wearing heels, and I’ve missed them – I’ve been trying to be realistic with my lunch time walks, but I need to bring them in on Thursdays when I walk less. A summer employee raved about this outfit – apparently my other outfits hide me? Hmm.



Fizz Boom Read SRP shirt, Old Navy Flirt capris, Keds Champions

LAST DAY OF SRP! LAST DAY! And we didn’t run out of robot arms! There was one left! (It was the final prize.) Not particularly cute, but very handy for climbing on the reference desk to cut down decor.

My department went out for lunch and then drinks after work – turns out the cheapie Mexican place down the block has the best sangria, omg.



Eddie Bauer blouse, JCrew button skirt, Dansko sandals

I also super love how this came out – awesome proportions. I was going to go with a white blouse, inspired by a fashion pin I saw this weekend, but it needs some ironing – I so rarely wear it! I like how the blue goes with the khaki, though. Very retro, very comfortable. I had a pretty terrible run in with a patron in the morning (nothing quite like getting sworn at in the kids department) and pretty much the only thing that stopped my day from being entirely ruined was feeling cute. But I won’t lie – yesterday was pretty irredeemable. Onwards and upwards.


2 thoughts on “31 July and 1 and 4 August 2014: End of Summer

  1. Oh ugh at getting cursed at by a patron. Some folks are just natural-born knuckleheads. As we say down here…well bless his (her) heart.
    The dotty circle skirt is really flattering on you. The whole outfit really looks great. Nice job!


    • She did not take kindly to being informed that she needed to be watching her child, who had nearly walked out of the building on his own and then walked around with us twice looking for her. I still think very unkind thoughts in her direction.

      That skirt was really some of the best $15 I spent. I do love it madly. Thank you!


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