Retail therapy dressing room

This week sucks. So I went and tried on pretty clothes on my dinner break.


I’m tempted by this one. It’s fitted enough that I’m not sure what I could wear under it…sleeveless and tanks, mostly. But it’s sparkly and flouncy. But I won’t buy it until I have an outfit or two in mind, and I can’t think of one yet. Ideas?

This I mostly tried on because it was Trina Turk. I love the color, but it’s too long to be useful for me.

I default to green tops. I love green, and I love this sweater. I think it’s too long and too fitted at the hips, though. Doesn’t balance me well, and limits bottoms. But what a gorgeous Kelly green!


This was quite cheap BCBGeneration. I loved it, it fit perfectly, but ugh, even a strapless bra would show. Whyyyyyyyyy? Not fair.

Oh, my God, I fell in love with this dress. It’s so perfect and beautiful and retro and fitted. And there’s no way I could wear it to work and where else do I go? Heartbreak. But at least I’ll always have the picture.

Same with this dress. Less cleavagey, but still not for work. I am absolutely crazy for this pattern and color, though. And the skirt!! It’s perfect. except for how it doesn’t match my life. Sigh. At least it was a little snug when I sat down. I’ll keep telling myself that.

Oh, you guys. This was in the dress section, and I like Betsey Johnson and it was cheap, so I tried it on for funsies.

Yeah. Not a dress. I realized that when I pulled it off the hanger and cracked up. But hey! It did fit perfectly, even being so form fitting!! Oh, God, I can’t believe I was wearing a….jumpsuit? Romper? I don’t even quite know what to call it.

This is what I bought, and I love it. It’s not off center on the hanger, so I assume I’ll put it on better next time, ha. But it’s a good length and I love the collar, and it should go with just about every bottom I have. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Retail therapy dressing room

  1. J.Crew has a Jackie cardigan in neon rose that looks a lot like the color of the TrinaTurk cardi, but a lot shorter.
    Oh dear lord – the Betsey Johnson onesie. Props for her enthusiasm & unabashed kookiness, but I can’t recall a single thing she’s made that looks functional or wearable. Maybe that’s her schick.
    Love love love the jeweled collar top – looks like it was made with your esthetics in mind!


    • OOOH. I will definitely check that out, thanks. You know my love for the Jackie.
      I one had a lovely gingham dress, that I used in the pinup shoot, but she does mostly go crazy. It’s fun, if not functional!
      I am so excited about the jeweled collar top – it’s going to be so perfect.


  2. Oh my Shelley, I’ve never seen a librarian in a jump-suit before. Love what you chose though, conservative but stylish. And you must have very long lunch breaks to try out all those clothes lol. Shaun from England.


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