Project 365 x2

Two weeks of Project365, plus manicures.


July 27: Amazing ice cream on a warm summer day

28/Bingo Baby in the sun ❤

29/My favorite street to walk down – the trees are so very tall and old and offer a lot of great shade.

30/Caterpillar entering its chrysalis. This was pretty amazing to watch – he sheds his skin and the chrysalis is the next layer.

31/Balloon Astonaut from our summer reading finale party.

1/Tiny lizards from the Mexican place down the street where my department celebrated the end of summer reading. (You’d think after all these months I’d pick a picture that actually represented the SRP – detritus, crowds, cart of prizes, downed decor, etc, but no. Largely because I was so busy that I forgot!)

2/Laying out quilt strips for my first lapquilt! I love these colors – they’re 1930s fabric reproductions. Super cheery.


3/Half of my strips sewn together. I’m going to cut the long strips into squares and then alternate their directions to make a Fence Rail pattern.

4/Gorgeous bright clear red flowers that inspired me to wear my red cardi the next day.

5/Very odd bleeding art tree. Seriously, what is this?

6/Lunch in 1957.

7/Bookmarks made by our summer reading aide on her last day. They were all cool, but I chose the Wish Bright one.

8/Superhero exhibit at work – lots of superhero facts and photo ops. So cool.

9/Ariel manicure!

I seriously, seriously love the glitter color – I’ve been using it everywhere for a week now. It’s Wet and Wild Shine in Sparked. It’s on my toes, too.


Great on two different colors! I’m a little nervous about the taking it off bit, though – it’s kept the purple on my ring fingers from chipping or tipping at all for over a week, ACK. So maybe I’ll just let it wear itself down, and change the colors on the other 8 nails, ha.


2 thoughts on “Project 365 x2

  1. Egad – the red tree thing. That would scare the bejeebers outta me. Don’t touch it – as Admiral Ackbar would say “It’s a trap!”
    The balloon astronaut is awesome!
    Neato quilt colors! I’m back on a sewing kick too, mostly a-line skirts. Like I don’t own enough clothes already.


    • RIGHT?? It’s so creepy and wrong. I don’t know what people were thinking.

      I still can’t quite work up my nerve to sew skirts. My seams are getting better, which helps, but it makes me nervous to try!! We’ll see if I feel more confident after following a quilting pattern.


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