11 August 2014: The Moving Wall Memorial

My plans for Monday went poof when I realized that The Moving Wall, the half size traveling Vietnam Wall, was going to be in the area. I was at the permanent one in January, and found the name of someone my Dad had known from his old neighborhood, so we had to go see it.2014-08-11 13.58.53

Merona tank, Old Navy Flirt capris, Keds Champions

I have a habit of dressing thematically. Whatevs. The Keds made me think of Rebecca from my beloved Ellen Emerson White’s Echo Company series, set in and just after her Vietnam Tour as a nurse – the image of her back home, surprised to realize that she didn’t have to check her blue Keds for scorpions or anything.

You guys, the Memorial was awesome. The real one blew me away, it was so moving, and they did just an incredible job creating the same atmosphere here. There was a welcome tent with brochures, crayons and paper for rubbings and little flags you could take and put by soldiers you knew. They’d also look up where on the wall people were, but we knew that from January. There was a reflecting pool, donated for the week, and an “eternal” flame for the week, too. They had stakes and flags by the local soldiers who died, as well as regular size flags on poles to represent them, too. We found Dad’s friend, took a photo, and put his flag in.
2014-08-11 13.25.29
Then there was a tent where towns, volunteers and family had put together scrapbook sheets for all the local soldiers (local being that town and surrounding suburbs – there were about 60, and included the town where I live and the one I grew up in). They included photos, notes left on the virtual wall, yearbook info for the youngest ones, information about how long their tours were and how they died, and one side had maps showing the area they had fought in. It was really wonderful to see and to be able to know the soldiers.

2014-08-11 10.10.04 2014-08-11 10.32.06 2014-08-11 10.43.28 2014-08-11 10.45.03

I’m just sad that I didn’t learn about it until nearly the last day. I would have volunteered, and would have gone to the special events on Saturday.

After that, we went out for breakfast and then for ice cream, heh. By the time he dropped me off, it was after 1. I finished my grocery shopping and then gave into the “nesting” that’s been building for awhile – bought an Ikea kitchen cart (it’s about 3 feet long, which just about triples my counter space!), bought some replacement pots and pans and such, and worked on my lapquilt. My strips are all sewn, now I need to make them squares. This part worries me most! We’ll see how it goes.


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