12 and 13 August 2014: EEEEEEEEEE

YOU GUYS YOU GUYS YOU GUYS! I tried on the Mompos dress waaaaay back in 2011, right when I started liking anthro and doing this blog, and fell in love but it was too expensive and then it sold out before sale time because it’s the best dress ever. I was so sad. I started checking ebay and Roxy’s blog every now and again, to see if it would pop up. But it’s super popular still and the few that popped up went fast. Eventually I decided to do an eBay alert when the dress went up. It popped up, in my size, well under $100 from a seller with 100% rates. I put in a bid, but figured that I was sure to get outbid. On the contrary, I was the only bid, so I got it super cheap. It’ll be here next week! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I wore clothes this week, too. A lot of them, because it was in the 60s and so delightful.



Loft beaded top, Loft cardigan, Old Navy Flirt capris, Keds Champions

Look, I even needed a coat! It was great. I could have used jeans. Only downside was that it went from grey and overcast to grey and rainy, which is not conducive to walking much.


Disney World glitter fashion tee, JCrew button skirt, Keds Champions

It wasn’t quite as cool today, upper 70s, but great for walking. And for spending half hour outside when the fire alarm went off unexpectedly! (Burst pipe, no damage.)

I’m still giddy over that dress, though. I hope it fits!! It’s the same size as my other Tracy Reese dress in that silhouette, though, so I’m feeling pretty positive.m


2 thoughts on “12 and 13 August 2014: EEEEEEEEEE

  1. Yah! Congrats on the dress! It’s stuff like this that makes me forgive Ebay for being…well Ebay.
    I’ve had (& currently still have) some Ebay alerts for certain lemmings. When they do finally pop up – it always astounds me that most still have original tags & are unworn. People bought it, stuffed in their already over-stuffed closets, forgot about it (or never could fit in it to begin with), then finally unload it on Ebay. I noticed that most of my previous alert items end up coming from consignment stores that list on Ebay. I still have a few alerts set up that are going on 5 or 6 years now. I know eventually those items will show up, just gotta be patient about it.


    • Happy dance!

      I have some sympathy for that – I definitely have a few items I loved and bought but totally didn’t match my real life. /ducks

      Being patient is key! I have a few more items I really want – all have a size available on eBay right now, too, but not MY size, woe. The Scotty Dog tee from 2013, a tweed skirt Rachel Berry wore in a S1 or 2 Glee promo shot, and a metallic tweed skirt she wore last fall. The first tweed skirt is only 99c, with $5 shipping, but I think I need a size lower and that is killing me!!! If the waist was just 1-2 inches smaller, it’d be great. Maybe I’ll do it anyway? Sigh.


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