14, 15, 18 August 2014: Relaxed

I had a lovely quiet weekend with my family and I’m still mostly feeling pretty chill.


Glamorous bodysuit, Anthropologie Lido Light skirt, Merona cropped cardigan, Angel Wear Designs necklace, Aerosole wedges

The cardigan buttoned! It never buttons! Well, if it did, it would always pop open. But it didn’t. Halleluia.


Maurice’s top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Keds Champions

Relaxed and comfortable for a 3 hour training and 2 hour drive.


Merona dotted cardigan, Old Navy Flirt capris, H&M Cardigan, beaded necklace, Modcloth sandals

These were not the proper shoes for a 2.5 mile walk at lunch today. I hobbled home. And to Walgreens for butter when I went to bake and realized I was out.

I opened the fridge at my parents’ and oohed over the creamer flavor. And then I looked closer.


It’s HOLIDAY. It’s a winter holiday creamer! In August! But it’s so pretty.

Also, we ate this:


And by we, I mostly mean me. Mom had pumpkin spice with walnuts and Dad had caramel. This was white chocolate with sprinkles and it was amazing.

And no weekend photo spread would be complete without Bing.


This is the look I get when he wants attention. It’s hilarious when I’ll be on the couch or a bed and turn around and he was doing that behind me without me knowing! Little snout on the covers or cushions, hee.

I should be taking off my nail polish or doing some writing, but I feel I am going to be going another day with chipped nails. So be it.


2 thoughts on “14, 15, 18 August 2014: Relaxed

  1. Aw man flavored popcorn! One of my puny high school jobs was working at mall cookie store, but we also sold popcorn. I don’t like chocolate (I know weird), but I ate the hell outta some oatmeal raisin cookies…and the popcorn. So much so that I didn’t eat cookies or popcorn for years after that. But then I discovered a “gourmet” flavored popcorn stand at a farmers market back when I lived in TX & I darn near single-handedly kept them in business for a few years there. Popcorn used to be my go-to Christmas, hostess, party gift too. It was always a hit & if someone doesn’t like popcorn – they are obviously a replicant. Now I gotta check out this Sandy’s Popcorn online.
    Bingo is such a ham. Some dogs figure out the puppy-dog eye thing instantly & go on to have a head-scratching excellent life.
    With ya on the Christmas thing. We ate at the Cracker Barrel the other day & they already had a Christmas display up. I just stood in the middle of it & soaked it all in. My husband is used to me & my Christmas obsession, but still, he kept walking by laughing at me.


    • Ha! That’s awesome. Popcorn is a great idea for hostess gifts, I need to remember that.

      Bingo is such a ham and I just love it!!!!

      Awwwww, really? I love that. I was Joann’s this week for fabric, and just smiled as I wandered the Christmas aisle. And bought 1/2 yd of super lovely retro print Christmas fabric for a pillow and ornament!


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