22 August 2014: Let it Go!

I got sick on Tuesday – I have a shot I took in the morning but frankly, I look ill. Then I slept Wednesday and was out of it on Thursday and totally forgot to take a picture. So we’ll just skip those days. I can’t even remember what I wore on Thursday.  Pink, maybe? Sandals? Whatevs. We’re moving on. To today, the most humid day we’ve had possibly all summer long. So why wouldn’t I wear snowflakes?

Modcloth Winter Wanderland dress, snowflake necklace and bracelet, Keds Champion

Today we hosted a Frozen singalong at the Library – you guys, it was adorable. We were worried about getting too many kids, and we did, and we had a overflow plan in place and we chose not to use it. OOPS. Lesson learned. But we had about 180, 190 kids and parents and grandparents there and it was so noisy because kids kept talking but the moment songs started, they belted them out. I loved how many dads and grandfathers were singing Let it Go, their voices really stood out in that song. I’d been nervous, but the moment Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? and they all burst into song, I knew it was going to be great.

And once a good 50-60 cleared out after Let it Go and the remaining kids had room to dance along, too, it was even better. Parents were thrilled, I got amazingly cute pics of kids in costumes (lots of Elsas, several Annas, one awesome Sven the reindeer) and one dad commented that it was their best family memory of the summer. ❤ ❤ ❤

And I’ve been singing Love is an Open Door for the last 5 hours.

Anyway, now that I’m vertical, here is last week’s Project 365 entry:


10/ A frog optical illusion on our desk – thanks to mirrors, it projects an image of itself through the hole. A patron commented that this was just another thing that would have gotten us prosecuted as witches.

11/The Vietnam Moving Wall

12/The best peach custard in the whole world.

13/Wildflowers growing on a street corner

14/Crazy roofed house. This place was amazing – fruit bearing trees, vintage swings, hidden gardens and lovely art deco fencing.

15/Lemon Meringue Pie Muffin for Lemon Meringue Pie day. OMG AMAZING.

16/Playing fetch with my Bingo Baby!


2 thoughts on “22 August 2014: Let it Go!

  1. Bwhaha the witch comment!
    Happy for yall that the sing-a-long went well – that’s gotta feel good to have gotten so many positive comments from parents & participants!
    Peach custard! Egads! I’m a peachaholic! Grew up with a peach orchard down the road. Despite what Georgia state would like you to believe, SC is the biggest peach producer. Love me some homemade peach ice cream!
    Anyhoo, hope you are feeling better. Being sick is always the pits.


    • Peach is the best! Peach cobbler and peach jam are my go tos. I went back to this place before the Doctor Who showing and got key lime custard for dinner – vanilla blended with an entire piece of key lime pie. AMAZING.


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