H&M dressing room

Friends, I have a dilemma. That Mompoa dress I got for cheap? I got a message earlier this week that it got stained at shipping, and they brought it to a dry cleaner and would let me know. Then they messaged that the stains didn’t come out, and sent a photo of one – there are four on the hem. It didn’t photograph strongly, but she said they’re noticeable. I can either take it or get a full refund. I am SO TORN. Will I ever find it that cheap in my size again? But stained! On the hem, though. Is this a scam? She’s got hundreds of solid ratings, though! Ugh ugh ugh. What do I do?

Meanwhile, my friend Anne and I hit the mall today. Anthro’s sale section is 20% of sale price, but nothing there appealed. I found a belt I loved, and it fit, but it didn’t snap. Ugh. There were several very cute new things, though; their fall clothes match my fit and flare style pretty well. And I did find some potentials at H&M –



I don’t have a forest green, and it’s a lovely heathered color. I need to go through my closet and see what it would go with. I like this raspberry a lot, too, but I think it’s similar in color to my Loft tie one – but the ties are often annoying, so maybe it would be good to get another option? Check how they’re styling them:


Layered! Man, I’ve never even been able to layer tanks because it feels like a waste, ha. But it is sort of cute. I like the color combos. They had an orange I would have bought in a heartbeat had it been in my size, but there was only a single large left. Sigh.




I like the sparkly grey, but I’m not sure on sizing. I tend towards prefering more form fitting, but it’s meant to look more like the medium, I think. I think I like the fall at the hem of the small, though. Less wrinkly. Hmmm.

They also had some cute accessories I’m eyeing – infinity sign necklace, polka dotted hairband, Rapunzel-esque floral hairband, etc. I’m headed back to the mall next week, so I have time to think.

Also, tonight is the debut of the Twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who, hence the shirt. I am SO EXCITED. I’m going to see it in theaters on Monday, too. I had lovely fun conversations about it with several Lush salespeople today, hee.



4 thoughts on “H&M dressing room

  1. Me being me (which always seems to land me in the devil’s advocate role and/or conspiracy theorist role) is mighty skeptical about the sudden stain realization. Either the stain was there to begin with & the person listing the item didn’t notice it until shipping OR they knew about it but forgot to mention it in the listing OR lets assume it did get stained during the shipping process. Whatthehelldoesthatevenmean? Did the cardboard shipping box stain it? The masking tape? Did ink from the printing label stain it? OR did the sellers 4 month old barf up on it? OR did the sellers dog poop on it? How does a dress get stained in shipping? Why didn’t the seller say what the stain was to begin with. Sounds mighty fishy.
    Even fishier (is that a word? Well it is now)….even fishier is that I recall you mentioning that this dress was listed waaay below other Ebay listings of the same exact dress. Why would a seller do that? Unless….of course….it was stained to begin with! Which is what I suspect is the case & that the seller forgot to mention that vital nugget of info in the descriptor.
    For giggles, I’d ask the seller what exactly the stain is, if anything, just to hear what a “shipping stain” might be. Personally I’d pass on this dress & wait out another one eBay. Start saving up for it knowing you will have to pay more, but that you’ll also increase the chance of getting a near perfect dress instead of a mystery shipping stained version that may never come clean & may be so obvious that it’s simply unwearable.
    Man don’t ya just hate when something so seemingly awesome swerves into opposing traffic.


  2. See, my thoughts went into all those directions, too! Exactly those. I asked her about the size of the stains and she said there were two the size she showed me and a few smaller ones – there had been a brown liquid on the post office counter and she put it down without seeing. I did go back to the original listing and couldn’t see any stains on the hems at all. My dad is a master at stain fighting, so I’m leaning towards getting it. Except the money would be useful at Disney. But dude, 3 years of waiting for this dress.

    I am so decision impaired.


  3. A stain on the counter? At the post office? Wha? Ok, might be ink or ebola. Kidding.
    Hrm. Tis a dilemma. If the stain can’t be removed (seriously – OxyClean & super hot water is like Copperfield magic).
    Ok, so say the dress is less than 100. Buy it. Oxyclean it like you’re trying to hide crime scene evidence. Worse you’ll be out is a 100.


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