28 August 2014: It’s HERE!

It’s here, it’s here! And it fits perfectly and I can’t find any stains on it at all and I love it so much.


anthropologie Mompos dress, Aerosole wedges

I keep twirling, ha. There’s a little flouncy net petticoat under it and it’s super fun. I can maybe see where some of the white is more antique cream, but unless I am missing something big, the stains are pretty faded or gone. (Please, coworkers, be sure to point it out if I’m wrong!) I love how it fits, I love the skirt length, I love the color, love love love. Happy twirl!

Also last week’s Project 365:


17/Ginger beer based drink + peach basil risotto out to dinner for my friend’s birthday. (SO MUCH GINGER LOVE.)

18/Leaves turning on a few trees! I love it.

19/Rice Krispie treats for above friend’s birthday. Needed more marshmallow fluff and pressing.

20/Shrug patterns – I’m debating among 5 or 6 patterns to wear at Dapper Days in February. I’m not sold on clothing pieces made with bulky yarn, but they are cute. Hmm.

21/Patrons are making their own superheroes at the library this month. I liked this one, Super Mama and the one about Doctors and Doc McStuffins being superheroes.

22/Little Elsa with Elsa doll at our Frozen singalong!

23/A torrentially rainy day with thunder and flooding requires tea. It just does.


4 thoughts on “28 August 2014: It’s HERE!

  1. Oh wow! That’s adorable! It looks like it fits perfectly? The length is spot on!
    So no stains to be found? That’s weird yet awesome.
    Funny to see Rice Krispy treats. I made a batch this past weekend for no apparent reason other than I wanted a random treat. I could only find colored marshmallows though. Weirded me out, but tasted ok.


    • It’s just about perfect – a little tight at the ribcage, which was mitigated with a bra change. I went strapless, though, and, uh, it’s not staying put. So it feels tight again until I can adjust the bra, ha! But other than that, it’s great, and the length is just so exactly right.

      Did the colors blend or come out kind of tie dye? I used fluff rather than melting marshmallows, which worked mostly well. I should have made sure to clean the jar out entirely, or augment with marshmallows, though!


  2. That dress does look amazing on you! I’m glad there are no stains. I hate to sound cynical, but do you think you got too good a deal on it, and she was hoping to get you to back out?


    • Thank you! And you know, I think that makes a lot of sense. Hmm. The other dresses on sale, including one in my size, were mostly over $200, except one at $150. I got mine for far less than that, even adding in shipping. I’m glad I took the risk!


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