6 September 2014: D23

I’ve got three posts in drafts. Pictures uploaded, just ready to write. And yet I’ve not written. But there we go! Everything is just going to come out of order. Or I’ll jump and do others before posting this. We’ll see.


Inside top, Old Navy Flirt capris, Forever 21 flower pins, vintage earring as brooch, Keds Champions

Disneybounding is creating a regular looking outfit inspired by a character – in this case, Rapunzel. Not too bad, right? I’m just not crazy about this top and how it fits around my waist. I think it looks better when not photographed dead on, but hmm. I’m debating wearing this to the parks after all. I did get a compliment on the flowers in my hair, which was nice. The purple one got lost in transit, though – it had been slidey. Bummer.

And why did I dress inspired by Rapunzel? My friend Crystal and I met downtown to see the 2014 D23 Fanniversary Special. It was a two hour presentation on all the Disney movies, rides, TV shows, etc that are celebrating a -5 or -0 anniversary this year. Sleeping Beauty (65th) and Mary Poppins (60th) are two big ones, along with It’s A Small World (60), Donald Duck (80), Muppets Take Manhattan (35), Hollywood Studios (25), etc. The presentation included rare video clips and photos, which was super neat. It was led by an archivist with the Disney company, which totally made me dream about his job.

At the end of the show, we had the option of going down to the stage and seeing two items – a Duckster award, given to high performers, and the hat Julie Andrews wore as Mary Poppins:



Fun, right?? If you’re a nerd like me. 🙂

We got free pins as our tickets in and out of the show. It was so hard to choose, but I went It’s a Small World over Mary Poppins. I have a tiny bit of regret, heh. But I love the ride and have since I was little. They were both good choices.



When I was walking (I walked 7 miles yesterday. It was crazy), I walked past this HUGE crowd of people. There was Indian, Bollywood-ish music playing and there was a convertible driving very very very slowly while two people sat on the back and waved to the crowd. A wedding, maybe? Everyone was cheering, it was fun.


I I also walked through the local Turkish festival. Fun dancing, gorgeous jewelry and the food looked so good, but I was on deadline both ways. Total bummer, I wanted to try new things.


I love visiting the city, and the day was perfect for the long walks. Lower 70s and sunny.

20140907-192140.jpgAnd now we come to this week’s project 365:


31/Summer quinoa salad! Inspired by my favorite salad at Starbucks, but it lacked its flair – maybe because I didn’t have the lime chili dressing? Black beans, corn, lettuce, chicken, home grown tomatoes, quinoa.

1/Pussywillows and sunflowers – my walks are starting to feel more autumnal. And not just because being outside makes my allergies go.

2/Super sweet memorial plaque in a park.

3/Gorgeous MG on a walk. I hope it sticks around.

4/A coworker’s daughter, knowing my love of crazy pens, insisted that I have this. I love it. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one, most of mine are inkless, so I’m using it out of season, heh.

5/Autumnal veg at the grocery store!

6/The above Duckster and hat.


2 thoughts on “6 September 2014: D23

  1. Love the pic of your city with the buildings & the water. That to me is how I picture Chicago. Never been there, aside from O’Hare, but my husband has family there.
    The fanniversary show sounded like fun. Disney certainly seems uber-popular lately, more so than normal, or at least it seems like that from my perspective. Seeing a lot of folks in the blog/vlog world wearing Disney stuff & buying lots of Disney-related memorabilia. One summer my folks went on a Europe trip & dumped me off with my nutty aunt who lived just outside Orlando. She bought me a summer pass to Disney & basically dropped me off at Disney in the am & picked me up in pm. By myself. At Disney. By myself. So I have some mixed feelings about Disney.


    • It’s such an iconic view of the city. I love when I get a chance to go down there – I might go back in a few weeks to do a tour of one of the awesome old theaters, too. If you ever make it here, we’ll have to visit the largest anthropologie known to man!!

      Disney is definitely snowballing, and it was already pretty popular. I think the late 80s/early 90s were such a golden era for them, and now the kids they reached then are having kids of their own and they’re pulling from both the children and nostalgia points.

      I admit, while what you describe sounds like a dream come true for me, the whole summer aspect and the every day part would get super draining. I never want to visit the parks in peak periods, ever. I think I’d lose my mind!


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