Anthropologie dressing room!

My friend Liss and I met for lunch at the mall last weekend, which obviously meant walking through stores, too. Yes, I was at the same mall the weekend before that. Yes, I hit many of the same stores. Roll with it.

I am loving anthropologie’s autumn offerings so far – lots of cute dresses and fit and flare. One dress I’d loved last week moved to the sale room. I debated on trying it on – the back didn’t look feasible – but after my friend grabbed some things to try on, I did too. And then a few others. (And we wondered where the missing hour went!)


Composed Pintuck Buttondown, size 8

A world of no! Cute print, but super odd fit.


Brenna dress,  size 8 (I think – maybe 6)

I like the colors, and the flash of white (several of the dresses had rolled sleeves, though not on the website or in a second store. Likely a salelady preference), but it was pretty bulky and didn’t flow very well on me.


Radiant Weave scarf

Left in the dressing room for me to try on with the dress. I like it, lovely colors, but way too expensive and the gold doesn’t flatter my skin tone.


Chelan dress, size 8

I keep getting drawn to this one. I love the colors, the print, the mesh bodice, and the neckline is absolute perfection. But as much as I love the individual pieces, I don’t think it comes together into anything special on me.


Lower cut lining on it than I realized until just now! Anyway, this closeup is for the belt. On sale for $20, plus $20 off. I love it and it’s now mine.


I can’t find this dress on the site and my google is failing me, but it’s Maeve and it’s on sale for $80. I tried a medium and then went down to a small. I like the print, but the neckline isn’t great and it’s a bit bulky.



Pleated Matilija dress, size 6

This is the dress that led to all the tryons. It was down to $65, so I had to try. The 8 made the bar too loose and showed my bra, but the 6 hit exactly right. I fell in love with it. I think I can wear it through a bit of autumn, playing up the dark green and maybe some red. It came home with me.


West Street Shirtdress, medium

I love the pattern and style, but it wouldn’t lay right at all. It’s all bunchy in the back. So weird.


Gallery Row dress, size 8

Another Plenty by Tracy Reese. I love her. But where is my shot of the dress without the crinoline showing? Weird. Anyway, as much as I loved the style and print (doesn’t it feel very Fourth of July?), it made me feel very hippy. As in wide, not flower loving.

And then yesterday, Crystal and I discovered that we were a block or two away from what has to be one of the biggest anthropologies in the world. It’s in an old American Girl building, and it was incredible. SO MANY SALES PIECES. A shoe wall! An entire home furnishings wing! We wandered for a good hour and tried things on.


Pointelle Midi Pullover, small

I’m torn on this. It’s boxy, and much too short in front, But I like the color and the buttons up the back. Ultimately, it’s not for me. But it’s a very cute sweater and that seems to be an anthro trend this season. Very cute, lacy sweaters.



Speckled Plaid Skirt, size 8

Another Plenty by Tracy Reese, another with a crinoline. I was drawn to this immediately. I took my usual size 8 (and now I see the website says to size up), but I think it was actually too big. I feel like it’s not falling properly on my waist and I look wide.

I tried untucking my top and that helped a bit with the proportions.



And then I tried pinching off an inch or inch and a half, and I think that helped.


So next time I’ll try it on in a 6. I love the plaid and the colors and the crinoline, but it may just not be my skirt.

But seriously: HUGE store.




This was less than half of the lower level. It’s hard to convey how far back and around it went. It was, basically, 7 or 8 rooms, plus the fitting rooms, and then the top floor. Crazy.

I saw this mannequin in a different store, and I keep thinking about it. The proportions of the heavy sweater and circle skirt feel weird, but I kind of like it.



4 thoughts on “Anthropologie dressing room!

  1. The french bulldog top is…unnecessarily complicated. Kind of a shame too as the pattern is pretty cute.
    The Gallery row dress is just too Independence Day-ish. If the colors were more autumnal then it would be a keeper, but red, white & blue is really limited to a few fed holidays.
    The yellow floral dress is cute! Good proportions & a fun print.
    The last pic with the Anthro mannequins, is the outfit on the left hinting that grunge is on the return? Ugh.


    • It is – Tim Gunn would have Words about it. And it’s true, the dress does sway too patriotic. Of course, many countries use those colors, so I suppose one could celebrate them all in it! UK, France, Australia…

      I believe grunge has made the return, at least around here! It was so fun walking through the city this weekend – half were dressed summer, half fall, and there were SO MANY 90s influences. Hats, sunflower prints, overalls, lots of plaid shirts tied around the waist, etc. I’ve also run into several people wearing jumpsuits the past few weeks, when I hadn’t seen any before a random DCer back in January. Also, today, a mom walked in wearing overall shorts. They looked remarkably like the pair I lived in during the late 90s…

      I wasn’t at all into fashion in HS, so I’m enjoying this opportunity to try again. I think I’ll probably avoid real grunge, though. Also, slouch hats. I have lines.


  2. the grunge I loathed was angry-grunge. it’s one thing to tie a snappy plaid shirt around you waist & jam to some Collective Soul. It’s another to forgo modern hygiene standards & while away the day carving Kurt 4-ever in your arm with a butter knife.


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