8 and 9 September: Autumn

Am I finally caught up? Whoo! Of course, I’m probably going to fall behind again, because I have a long weekend off, ha. But let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

It’s been super lovely and perfect in the 70s, so I’m adding touches of autumn to my outfits. I cannot wait for this weekend – Friday’s high might not get out of the 50s! Deliciously delightful.






Caroline Taylor top, JCrew button skirt, kadyellebee Wren wrap, Keds Champions

I went to a Zumba class straight from work with two coworkers, so I wanted something simple to change into at the studio. The shawl added the perfect amount of warmth all day in the a/c.

My friend Krissy designed this pattern and then knit me one. Isn’t it lovely? Last time she was here, she gave me this gorgeous emerald skein of yarn and I found a pattern for it! If all works out, it’s going to be a gorgeous, slightly lacy shawl (mostly due to using larger needles with a sock weight yarn) and it will be perfect with most of my potential Dapper Day dresses next winter/spring.

I also have a few skeins of yarn and some needles next to me to try my hand at an Outlander cowl like Claire wears. It’s not the pattern in the link, because I don’t have US50 needles, but one using drop stitches on US10.5s that I think will give similar bulk and drape. If not, it’s dead easy anyway, so no time wasted.


Gap tank top, Anthropologie Charlotte Taylor Hummingbird skirt, Merona cropped cardigan, H&M Infinity necklace, Crown Vintage boots

This came out exactly how I had it in my head, yay! And it remains exciting that the cardigan buttons shut now. I love the look of the boots with the circle skirt, though I’ve gotten so out of the habit of heels this summer. OUCH. I forget the pressure on the balls of my feet. And the blisters. :/ The lunchtime walk didn’t help much. I’ll try chamois or something next time.

I rarely list it, but I’m wearing one of my picture frame bracelets; this one has a Tardis. In storytime this morning, one of the one year olds made a grab for my cheat sheet and I chided him for looking at spoilers and called him River Song. The other nanny did a double take before bursting into laughter. We bonded after storytime, heh.


5 thoughts on “8 and 9 September: Autumn

  1. LOL about River Song! Man if I could get my curls to look half as decent as her’s my world would be right!
    The hummingbird skirt is adorbable.
    I’m following along with The Vivienne Files about revamping one’s wardrobe. Spent some quality time in my closet today, making no headway aside from noticing that apparently I have a thing for clothing with clams, hermit crabs & lobsters on them. Like a whole lot of things with these particular sea critters on them. How the heck did this happen? Spent the rest of the day trying to interpret & comprehend the findings. Ironically enough, no squirrel stuff.


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