10, 11 and 15 September 2014: Sudden Chill

The temperature has hit late October lows. You can imagine my complete and utter delight! Even better, I spent four days up at my parents where it was even chillier. Also, there was nail palming and puppy playing.


Anthropologie Loosened Shelby Blouse, Old Navy Flirt capris, Loft cardigan, Keds Champions

I was so excited with how this came out! This is a swap cardi I got and apparently haven’t worn since November or March (there was an I Voted sticker still on it…) but I think it looked great with the green. Perfect for autumn.


Gap tank, anthropologie skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, White Cliff flats, cowl

Again, digging the colors! I love this skirt.

The cowl, I am still debating. I borrowed 35 and 50 needles from my coworkers and sat down with two patterns to replicate Claire’s cowl, as mentioned in my last post. I was really loving how the yarn knit up on the 35s, but I didn’t have enough for comfort. It only took 2 hours to knit, though, so I decided to drop the stitches to extend it, because if I had to buy a second skein, it’d be easy enough to reknit. Dropping it made it the perfect length, but might have loosened the stitches too much. I had some fears that it looked like a plate of spaghetti, but my mother and a coworker assure me that I am crazy for thinking that and it’s cute. And my mother, especially, does not mince words. So I take it to you all: am I wearing spaghetti or a Claire-ish cowl? (It should be noted that I do not have Claire’s very long neck, so a cowl like hers might not actually work for me anyway and the extra drape could work in my favor…)

This is the cowl mid-drop – it knit up like the bottom half  and draped into the top half.



Anthropologie plaid shirt, Claire’s flower, old choker. Not a full outfit shot, because my jeans looked super weird and bunchy to allow for a pedicure, ha.







I am so, so, so in love with my new nail polishes!! The dusky purple grey is Released and the black glitter is Boundary of Memory, both from China Glaze’s new The Giver line. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I love the book (less so the others in the series, most of which I skipped. The last, Son, is pretty good, though). It feels sort of weird to be wearing a polish color named after the Community’s term for legal killing (people no longer relevant to the Community were released), but I don’t care, it’s gorgeous and I love it so much. The black glitter is also just incredible. Great application and perfect for autumn. Two thumbs up.





Every time I get on his level or aim a camera at him, he takes it as an invitation to charge. This was right before he threw himself into my lap!


LOOK. When we got him in May, he fit perfectly along the side of this bed. It’s insane how big he’s gotten! Every time I sit on the floor, though, he hops right into my lap. Actually, he usually backs in. It’s hilarious.



2 thoughts on “10, 11 and 15 September 2014: Sudden Chill

  1. Wowza! Bingo is growing like a weed! All wide-eyed & blissfully unaware he’s destined to cut off the circulation in your legs when he wants to sit in your lap. I used to have a Schillerstovare (Shiller Hound) that started out as a decent size dog, but loved to be a lap hog. When you finally got him off your lap, you were too exhausted to stand up, so he’d kanoodle his way right back on your lap. He had that stuff figured out…pretty sure y’alls Bingo is figuring that out as well!
    LOVE the cowl scarf! It’s so perfect with your chosen outfit too. Really! It didn’t even occur to me to think spaghetti, until you said spaghetti, but even then…no, not seeing/feeling sketti. The color is beautiful, but I’m mighty partial to dark jewel tones.
    Years ago, I got in the habit of saying “that’s a free bowl soup top/skirt/scarf,etc” when I saw a top/skirt/scarf,etc that looked less than stellar imho. It’s in reference to a line that Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield’s character) from Caddyshack said about Judge Smails (Ted Knight) ugly hat. But your scarf, it’s not a free bowl of soup scarf!


    • He is! It’s mindboggling. He’s such a snuggler, and he’s never going to figure out his size. I’ve never heard of Schillerstovares, but they are beauties! He sounds super cute.

      Okay, yay! That makes me feel better. I love the color and it’s so close to what I had in mind that I think I’m going to call it a win and bind up my edge. Thanks!


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