Weekend Update

Project 365! Halloween! I’m playing catch up after 4 days away, basically. Also, I watched the Mindy Project premiere two days in a row. Because it was that awesome.


9/7: Backlog of books to return to the library, eep. 6 were research for a story, 5 were Mock Newbery reads.

9/8: Capaccino Lays potato chips, purchased by a coworker. I, um. I liked them.

9/9: Leaves turning!

9/10: Knitting yay!

9/11: Winding yarn for a shawl! I’m out of practice, it took me an hour to detangle and wind, and then I lost the inner yarn end. ::headdesk::


9/13: Dad and I hit the Civil War Museum, which we’ve wanted to for ages. Some of the talking mannequins reminded me of Stars Hollow, but I really liked their set up and they had some great stories threaded through the different aspects of the war.

Other weekend fun:


Chinese lanterns flowers! From the local Farmer’s Market. Dad and I loved them, Mom did not.


Awesome crazy quilt incorporating Civil War memorabilia. I love how their handwritten embroidery looks like their handwriting. Mine would not, I assure you.


We pulled out Halloween stuff to decorate. Meet Emo Pewpwednick, which I don’t think I’ve ever typed out before? I need to work on that spelling. Emo has danced on our light pulls for at least 30 years now. I think he was named after someone from my Dad’s old neighborhood? We’re a bit morbid, I guess.


Snoopy Halloween! We are big Snoopy fans.


BINGO BABY. This is how he loves to sleep. I laugh every time.


And look how well he takes care of his friends!!


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