16,17 and 18 September 2014: O Halloween Tree

It’s been so gorgeous out! I took a walk last night and ended up at Old Navy and Pier 1.


Fox sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Forever 21 leggings, Me Too ballerina wedges

Yay I can wear my animal sweaters again!! I love these. I also love these shoes, but they fit best during the morning. By my walk home, they pinch my toes and I get grumpy.


Loft beaded collar tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, H&M cardigan, Keds Champions

My coworker came to work that same day wearing a pink sweater in the same silhouette with the same bow on the back of the neck. It was hilarious – she had told our manager that it was a Shelley-sweater when they walked in together, before they even saw me.


Sparkle sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Charlotte Russe hairband, Aerosole wedges

A perfect warmer but autumnal outfit! I like wearing sparkles.

So I walked over to Old Navy to get a new pair of jeans, since they were on sale and my current pair were giving up after a few years, and walked through Pier 1 first. I entered in the back, picked out some great scents for my living room and car, and then came to the other, holiday side of the room. Unpictured is the Halloween tree, which refuses to load in for some reason I cannot discern. And then I turned around and saw this:


I maybe gasped. I think it’s a Thanksgiving tree, but still! There were definitely Christmas ornaments for sale.

I wandered back to the Halloween section and found cute headbands:


I’ve always loved the look of the tiny top hat, but I think I need those kitty ears. I would just need assistance to not wear them on a regular day, because they sparkle and are cute.

And then I hit Old Navy and found this:


Super cute, right? Pretty much exactly what I’d been wanting. $50 in store, $40 online, which I did not realize until AFTER I’d gotten home, UGH. The jeans were cheaper online, too, by $2. Isn’t that weird? And wrong? Not cool. Maybe it factors in shipping? Anyway, I bought it and I’m pleased with it. A little snug if I have on two layers, but I’m assuming it’ll stretch.


2 thoughts on “16,17 and 18 September 2014: O Halloween Tree

  1. The tiny tophat! Shut up! That is so unbelievably cute! Aw, now I gotta go to Pier 1. The kitty ears are adorable on you. Dig the TGiving tree! I just put up my Halloween tree (yes I have a Halloween tree). I’ll post some instagram pix when I receive the remaining halloween theme ornament I have on order finally arrive.
    Really dig the Old Navy moto jacket! Good score woth that one! The fit looks looks good, but you could always order the next size up to compare, then return whichever doesn’t work. I’m so past trying to force something tight (especially in the shoulders) to fit, either it does or it doesn’t. When I do try to beat something to fit, then I never end up wearing it sad to say.


    • TINY TOPHAT. So fun. So affordable! I forgot to go back on my mega walk today, we’ll see if I remember tomorrow. I do love those kitty ears.
      I’m jealous of the Halloween tree! I considered leaving my tree up year round and decorating it accordingly, but I was afraid that it would lose something by the time December rolls around. I’d love to see yours, though – I think I tried to add you on Insta (I’m sydwi).

      I stuck with this size moto and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. The pockets are always higher than I think, but otherwise, good stuff. I hear you on the sizing – I’m getting better about it, I ditched a bunch of stuff that almost fit in my last closet purge and I’ve been restraining myself at the consignment store! If it’s not great now, it really won’t ever be.


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