Project 365 and such

My dad and I had to hit Ikea to replace my kitchen cart that came broken, which turned into a few errands ending at Cracker Barrel. All the Christmas goodies!!


LOOK HOW CUTE. Maybe less the Cracker Barrel, but whatever. I have a good sized collection of Dept 56 houses and buildings and my dream is to have a place where I can create the whole village.


This made me think of you, Jamie! It’s super adorbs.


Love this! It plays all the originals of the songs. I have this lovely 40s style OTR with records I got last year, same idea, and this is a very cute update.


I like plaid. It’s surely no wonder I am obsessed with Outlander, yes?

Last Tuesday, when I was feeling crappy, I took a lunch walk over to a tiny antique store. Check out this amazing Victorian photo album!



It was stuffed with photos just like these. Apparently its owner passed away and her family sold it to the store.

On Friday, I met my family at the hospital to help them get my brother ready for some dental work. (He has to be under anesthesia.) It was a long morning, though he did absolutely brilliantly and we were so proud. After, I dropped a dress off at the library for my friend to wear to a wedding and found our town’s Very First Food Truck outside. And my friends, it is a waffle truck. And it has the best waffles I’ve ever had.


I went for it, friends. There’s nutella, bananas, almonds and whipped cream. I never eat whipped cream, but I couldn’t stop. I actually ate the whole waffle in one sitting, which is so unheard of. I asked them to go light on the nutella, because, um, I’m allergic to chocolate, and it was just delightful. Next time, plain waffle, syrup on the side. It’s perfect on its own.

And project 364:


21/The Sims 4! I’ve been holding off on buying this, but I finally got it and I’m glad I did. It’s not perfect, too many things got cut and it’s curtailed what I can do it my normal playing style, but there’s great potential for growth.

22/Christmas music box from Cracker Barrel, ha.

23/New brooch from the antique store!

24/The leaves are changing!! It started slowly, but a ton of trees turned this weekend while I hibernated. And they’re bright, unlike the past several muted years. YAY.

25/I’ve seen construction guys around this house for awhile, and they are finished. Is it a solar powered roof? It’s unusual.

26/Sunrise from the hospital.

27/The final book in Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unbroken trilogy!!!!!! This was a SRB weekend – I read her free novel online, read her short story follow up in a new anthology and finished this book. It’s hard to explain how thoroughly her writing delights me. Her banter and emotional beats are pretty much everything I look for in my favorite writing, whether it be book, TV, movie, etc. That they can make me laugh while freaking me out is a testament to her skill. A+, do recommend. (Also, if you are also fans of Outlander, she tweets hilarious little interpretations of the episodes. Samples:


2 thoughts on “Project 365 and such

  1. Gah! I love Christmas stuffs at Cracker Barrel. I could just meander around that shop for hours, if not for all the people hacking up a lung while they wait for a dinner table. Sometimes I’ll stop by Cracker Barrel in mid-afternoon like around 2pm. Zero crowds & can really look around the store more leisurely. They’ve really had some super cute Halloween stuff too. Love the little squirrel ornament (tell Jamie she has great taste in critters as well!).
    Aww, The Sims. I can’t begin to guess how many hours I’ve devoted to The Sims over the years.
    Hope your brother is recovering well from his o.s. Dental work has a way of knocking the wind outta your sail even under ideal conditions.


    • Seriously, right? It’s just so damned fun, all of it. My dad picked up some of the Halloween stuff – they really did have some cute stuff. Happy sigh. I love holidays.

      Also, LOL AUGH. Where was my brain? Reading an email from a Jamie. I MEANT to type Jane. Sorry. Have a squirrel cookie:

      Sims yay! I think Sims2 was the pinnacle of Simming, but I’m digging the emotional layers in 4. I feel like I can’t play my normal romance/family stories as well anymore (I forgot to marry Anne and Gilbert in CAS, and had them married in just one Sim afternoon. Not so much fun if romance meters fill that fast), but the new whims and goals are pretty cool.

      Bro is doing exceptionally well, yay! We’re thrilled.


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