29 and 30 September 2014: Last Hurrah

I think summer had its final hurrah on Monday -mid80s, so warm in the sun I didn’t want to eat outside. and then I froze on my Tuesday morning walk to work! Hello, autumn.


Anthropologie Pleated Matilija dress, H&M cardigan, Modcloth sandals

Perfect for straddling summer weather with autumn season. I love the green with it, and I think it goes into autumn nicely. I’ll try with tights later, I think – but the lining may not let that work. We’ll see. I’m so glad I bought this, it makes me so happy!


JCrew button back top, anthropologie sequinned migration skirt, Target tights, Loft cardigan, Aerosole flats

These shows are, like, 1/4 size too small. So frustrating. They look cute and start comfortable, but I can’t do miles of walking in them. I love this skirt, though, and needed sequins and sparkle, and love how the gold goes a little rosy with pink and purple.

I’m waffling on the new lipstick. It’s a Revlon slip crayon in Sweetheart, a very bubblegum pink. I usually like something more raspberry, and this might be out of season. But it’s sort of fun to wear, too. I don’t know. Wait until you see the orange I’m trying out today.


2 thoughts on “29 and 30 September 2014: Last Hurrah

  1. Too small a pair of shoes. There was a time when I would force the issue or resort to the cobbler, but now, nah. I finally gave up on the notion of ever wearing flats (Reefs notwithstanding). I can’t ever find a pair of flats (cheap or high end) that is comfy or doesn’t have at least 1 major flaw that I try to overlook. Yeah it eliminates & limits what I can wear, but somehow I manage just fine & my dogs aren’t barking! Haha
    Anyways, props to you for perserving through on the too-tight flats. Being stylish has it’s price!


    • Hee! I am usually one for comfort over all else, but I never remember that these don’t stay comfortable. They look so innocuous. And after a summer of Keds, I’m having a hard time convincing my feet that heels are cool again, ha. What do you normally wear?


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