1 and 2 October 2014: Dressing Room Fun

I’m sitting here, shivering, in flannel and a shawl. My landlord has been replacing the boiler and I think I have heat, but since I like things chilly, I haven’t tried. But it felt weird to squint at the photos on my phone and realize I was going out with bare legs just a few days ago.


Harry David shell, Old Navy Flirt skirt, ANA cardigan, Keds Champions

This was one of those days where I went through several outfits and finally went with something that worked rather than something good.


Gap tank, Old Navy Flirt skirt, anthropologie chevron sweater, anthropologie draped cardigan, Aerosole wedges

A bit of sparkle! I like how this one came together.

I had Friday off so I took a very long walk to hit the consignment and shoe stores.


I put this back, but I’m tempted to go back for it. $13, I like the fit a lot, I’m a fan of bows. I’m not sure what bottoms I could wear it with, though – jeans are fine, I suspect my denim skirt would work. But is it too dark for the khaki button up? Hmm.


Ralph Lauren sparkle sweater. I loved the color and fit, and really loved the neckline, but it was scratchy and too short. Alas.



Danskos! They’ll be $15 if they’re still there tomorrow. I’m tempted. I love this Mary Jane clog look. I’m debating what I’d wear them with, though. Hmm.

And then off to DSW. I have a $20 off card that expires next week, and I’ve been wanting brown boots.



Bare Tracks. I think I like the shorter leg, but I’m not sure if that opens up more wear options or fewer. Are they too cowboy? I don’t want cowboy, I know that.


Steve Madden Girl. Not cowboy! I think I like them a lot? My hesitancy is that I had to size down to an 8 for my heel not to flap (wearing regular socks, which is my norm with jeans or over tights), plus I didn’t need the wide calf version. I walked around a bunch and worried that I started to feel my little toe rubbing on the side. But if I size back to 8.5, I’m afraid they will be too big. I’m so torn.


I’m half tempted to use my card on accessories. Like this awesome thick, warm plaid scarf/wrap. It’s $30, and I keep telling myself I could probably buy fabric for half the price and make my own, but this is right there, you know? I really want a lot of plaid this year. I always want plaid in autumn, I know, but I’m really all about it this year, ha.


2 thoughts on “1 and 2 October 2014: Dressing Room Fun

  1. The striped shirt with the bow detail looks like it was made for you! Fits perfectly!
    As far as the Dansko clogs are concerned…while I’m not a fan of Dansko’s, I am a huge clog fan! Love love love clogs! I give zero cares if “everybody” hates clogs or if clogs are so “yesterday”. I dig clogs. Always have, always will.
    Dankso’s can be challenging to walk in. The rocking sole can force you to walk too fast & with the classic clog – can friggin take out a perfectly good ankle! So take a solid walk in those clogs down the length of the store and back before you buy to see how they mess with your gait.


    • It is so damn cute. Maybe I’ll visit this week and see if it’s still there. I’ll wear a skirt to see how it works, maybe.

      That is such good info, thank you!! I have a pair of Dansko sandals and it took me awhile to get used to them – that must be why. I’ve never been a clog person, mostly because I’d only see clogs without backs and I need backs, but I’ve been digging styles like this lately. I will definitely do a lot of walking practice before I decide if I like them or not.


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