4 October 2014: Let it Go

I had this cute, autumnal, plaid, semi-professional outfit on for work because I anticipated new families coming in for my special storytime. And then I woke up to reports of snow in towns all around me, third earliest, and, well. I changed. (And then no one came to my special storytime anyway. Frowny face.)


Disney Frozen Elsa top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, H&M cardigan, snowflake bracelet, Crown Vintage boots

Elsa actually also looked quite cute with the plaid skirt I was originally wearing. I’d say the vibe was slightly punk-ish, but Elsa was invovled, so. I know that descriptor can’t actually apply. đŸ˜‰ But definitely something to keep in mind.

And you guys, look! It was cold again! (In the upper 30s/low 40s. Which is really a perfect level of cold.)


Spaghetti cowl! A coat I adore but should have sized down in! Story of my coat buying life.

I did order a new skein of yarn to try a non-dropped stitch version of this cowl. Maybe then I can get the spaghetti image out of my head, because I really do love how it came out.

Project 365!


28: Local hot dog place decorated. The guy behind the counter used a pulley and made it come down and tap on my shoulder, which was awesome.

29/Cookies!! My friend baked me cookies for taking her Saturday shift and they were so good.

30/I read an article about the pre-settlement trees in our village and found our oldest tree – it’s 135 years old and was used as a marker by Native Americans. Isn’t it cool? Sort of twisty and haunted forest-y.

1/There is eggnog and Rudolph candy displays at the grocery store. Wow.

2/MAGIC BAND!!!!!!!!!!! My Disney Adventure looms ever closer.

3/Friday was amazingly chilly and grey and awesome, so I took a super long walk.

4/Tea and cookies on the very chilly Elsa day.


2 thoughts on “4 October 2014: Let it Go

  1. Wow already in the 30’s! It’s chilly late at night here now, but still, pretty warm more than not. Our sycamore tree has been letting go of leaves at a pretty good clip so it def looks fallish.
    You probably coined a new saying with spaghetti scarf!


    • It’s pretty early for us, and it didn’t last more than a few days. We’re back to the 50s/60s now! It’s really lovely, mold issues aside.

      And ha, yeah, I think I did. *g*


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