6 and 7 October 2014: Autumn Fun

Weird schedules this week! I’m working 3 nights in a row, instead of my usual 1. It is not conducive to getting anything done. That’s a bit stressful.



Gap tank, Monterey Bay sweater, Old Navy Rockstar jeggings, H&M necklace, F21 hairbow, White Cliff flats

Defaulting to my purple/grey combo so early in the season! Not a good sign, ha.



Coldwater Creek sweater, JCrew button skirt, Claire’s glitter flower, Sock Dreams lace anklets, Sweet 554 mary janes

I clicked the wrong size photo to upload, whoops. Not a default combo, yay! I bought two new pairs of socks from Sock Dreams last week and I was so impressed. I ordered Thursday morning, they shipped that afternoon and arrived on Saturday – and shipping was free!! I got these, which are so silky and soft and will look so lovely with a variety of shoes, and new brown knee socks to replace the pair I ought to have replaced four years ago and didn’t, ha. They’re cabled kilt socks and super cute. I look forward to wearing them!

Meanwhile, I am on my lunch break and sniffling for the second day in a row. Either I am allergic to plums or something is wrong with my bento box and causing allergic reactions. GRR UGH.



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