13 October 2014: New Camera

Well. New phone. New to me phone, anyway. It’s my moms old 5s and I love it! It’s currently just a touch/camera until I move my phone number over post vacation, but that gives me time to get used to it.

Let’s compare:







Forever 21 striped top, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Kadyellebee Wren shawlet, Bass Heritage boots

So much clearer! Much better color representation! I promise to clean my mirror more often now! Yay!

Weird day – I had this astoundingly huge allergy attack in the middle of the day. It faded after half an hour or so, but it was freaky and I couldn’t breathe well and it wore me out the rest of the day. I have things to do tonight (4 days until Disney!) but ugh. Tired. I’ll reshuffle my timeline, everything will get done, yadda yadda, must relax. Have a puppy pic:



2 thoughts on “13 October 2014: New Camera

  1. Haha! Exactly why I never take photo’s anymore as my iPhone is a relic – just a 4, not even a 4S. The camera was always a bit sketchy and erratic with my phone, but never enough for me to return it. So I can’t much complain seeing how I could have done something about it.
    How fun it’s almost time for your upcoming Disney trip! Sounds like it’ll be a fun one! Hope your allergies run their course before you leave to Florida. Can’t wait to see the photos!


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