14, 15, 16 October 2014: Bland

This week has been crazy. So much to do at work, so much to do at home, so I can go to Disney with nothing on my brain. I’m getting a wee bit obsessive over my Disney outfits (hated Belle, hated Snow, the two I was depending on wearing, but found a pretty good casual Elsa look) and am regretting not buying a Hot Topic-y costume dress for the Halloween party. I think my chosen outfit is adorable and very much in the style of the character, but it’s not a beloved character, boo. I think I need to scale back my viewpoints and look at them as cute outfits I would wear anyway, but look! They sort of resemble Disney characters, too.

Geez, I hope they look good in photos.

Anyway. My mind has not been on my day to day outfits this week. At least I got out of my denim skirt today, ha! I went for a beloved dress to boost my mood through an insanely busy day of proposal writing, new software testing, and scary insurance meetings. Gulp.




Old Navy sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Victoria’s Secret leggings, White Cliff flats

Easiest thing to pull on, zero thought.



anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old Navy Flirt skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, vintage sweater clip, vintage eyeglass pin, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage boots

Marginally more thought!


anthropologie Mompos Dress, Loft cardigan, Hue tights, Sock Dream lace anklets, BoC Canty booties

Some effort! A pretty dress! Twirl!

So apparently putting the phone into the very protective case adds noise to the shot. Sigh. Good to learn that before vacation, I suppose. I’ll try cleaning the case, maybe.

Project 365!


5/Halloween decor up!

6/Finished quilt top YAY!!!

7/Halloween visitors at the Van Pelt Christmas house.

8/First Turkey November of the season at the local deli. Best sandwich ever, seriously.

9/New fabric! Charm squares this time. It’ll become a table runner for mom, and perhaps a pillow for me.

10/Bingo Baby posing for me.

11/Autumn decor


I always have grand plans of updating on the go, but chances are it’s going to be awhile before my next post. See you on the flip side!


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