17-23 October 2014: DISNEY WORLD

Oh, friends, I had a marvelous time. Met a lot of characters, did a lot of shopping, tried new restaurants (50s Diner) and rides (Soarin’! Which I loved despite my intense fear of heights and speed) and soaked up a lot of atmosphere. My Disneybounding was a success, although if I ever do Halloween there again, I am totally doing a real costume. A short, comfortable breathable costume, but nonetheless. There were so many cute ones and I had tutu envy, ha.

Friday: Lizzie Bennet

IMG_9058 MK_OUTERHRIGHT_7073221563

Bar III dress, Forever 21 leggings, nsync backpack, Mardi Gras beads, Keds

Not Disneybounding, ha. But still fandom. Super comfortable in both the 60s here and 80s down there…though the sleeves did get hot. I met Jennie and A for dinner and did Philharmagic and Small World at the Magic Kingdom, then headed over to Epcot for Nemo and walking after MK closed. Perfect first night.

Saturday: Mr. Smee

IMG_9177 IMG_9276

Old Navy top, Old Navy shorts, Walmart skull scarf, red hairband, Keds

Second photo in France pavillion. My advice: do not not not visit Epcot during the weekend at the Food and Wine Fest. It’s teeming with drunk people who are proud of their drunkenness and wearing terrible tshirts celebrating it. There was at least one that I could not believe made it through security. It was crowded and not with fun people. It was better when we went on weekdays. I did, however, get to eat my haggis with neeps and tatties with crannachan for dessert from the Scotland booth, though – it was all wonderful except the neeps. I am apparently not a fan of rutabega.

We wandered the world a few times, grumbling, and had an amazing dinner at the Yachtsman Steak House. Then they headed back to the resort and I visited the Boardwalk, which I’ve wanted to do for years. It was everything I wanted. I hope to stay there one day – they even have old time radio broadcasts in their hotel lounge! And then one of the cast members there recognized me as Smee!! I was thrilled. This was my first Disneybounding idea and it came out exactly how I pictured.



Sunday: Goofy

IMG_9339 MK_MSGAZETT_7074300183

anthropologie flutter hem top, Old Navy shorts, Bebe waistcoat, green hair ribbon, Keds

Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party day! I liked my outfit and thought it was recognizably Goofy. But I was really tempted to buy a Dalek dress in the UK Pavillion and wear that, ha. Jennie Disneybounded as Eeyore and looked adorable, and A wore her Merida costume when it got cooler. After two years of waiting, we finally ate at Be Our Guest in Beast’s castle and it was so worth the wait! It was gorgeous, we ate in front of falling snow, and the grey stuff was indeed delicious. We also met Rapunzel and Cinderella, hung out with our friend who now works in Fantasyland, saw an amazing parade with a firebreathing dragon, and made it to the party. Villains show was funny, castle show was lovely, and the fireworks breathtaking. During the parade, we were sitting on the curb and Eeyore came up super close into my face. I was laughing and said, “hello!” because what else do you do when that happens? He kissed my nose and rejoined the parade. It was hilarious and A looked so gobsmacked.



Monday: Minnie Mouse


Glamorous bodysuit, Forever 21 skirt, Merona cardigan, Forever 21 hairbow, Keds

The ears were only at the resort, since we spent the day at Hollywood Studios! I’d have worn them at the Magic Kingdom. I love this park – I’m a total old Hollywood dork and I get giddy seeing the buildings and hearing the music. Musicals, swing, jazz, it makes me beam. It was really fucking hot, and this skirt was not a good choice, however. Super sticky. And I never realized it was so long. The proportions didn’t work as well as I wanted. I’d have changed and been Piglet but I wanted to be retro-y to eat at the 50s Diner. Which was brilliant – we’re all shy, so it was a little nervewracking, but they must know the drill. Our server, Cousin Dale, teased and had fun, but didn’t do things with us that he did at other tables. Also, there is now Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post, from Frozen, and I was in snowy winter heaven. The snow felt real and was moldable, and the whole room was blue and filled with snow and cabins and fir trees and there was a delightful Elsa cocktail involved.



Monday: Anna

IMG_0094 IMG_0221

Gap sweater, Old Navy shorts, Loft cardigan, snow jewelry, German tiara

So. I’ve never gone in for the princess thing. I like the Disney princesses, but never went through the want-to-be-a-princess phase. So imagine my surprise when I fell in love with the tiara display in Germany at Epcot. They ranged in price from $10-$60, and I tried on all of them, but this, the first, was mine instantly. And only $14, ha. It really made me happy to wear it. I was taken aback the first time a cast member called me Princess, but I got used to it and it added to the fun. Epcot was dreamy, and we had a blast. The Victoria Gardens in Canada is my favorite place in the park, and I love the little cottage, so I was thrilled with how that second shot turned out. I chose to wear Anna this day because we had lunch in Norway with a few princesses – Aurora, who is my favorite, plus Cinderella and Snow White, who was a bit bitchy. I also got to eat the Kimchi hot dog I’d been dying to try from the South Korea booth, and then we headed off to a very late dinner at Chef Mickey’s, which was a delight.


Wednesday: Elsa



Gap tank, Charlotte Russe sparkle top, Old Navy shorts, German tiara, Keds

SO BLOODY HOT. OMG. It was almost 90 without heat index, the sun was horrific, we were in more lines than usual and I totally ended up with a sunburn. All of this is ironic, given that I was dressed like the Snow Queen – and met her, too. Sigh. It was still a good day – I tracked down the Cake Cups I’d been wanting to try (deconstructed cupcake in a cup with more frosting than you’d expect. Perfection), met Merida, Anna, Elsa, Tiana and Naveen, spent a few hours catching up with my friend who works there, etc etc etc. Tiana and Naveen (Princess and the Frog) had the best chemistry and banter, they were hilarious to meet. Merida was perfectly cast – I loved when she gave an impromptu sword lesson to the boy ahead of it. A fell asleep a few times throughout the day, which meant she missed the most beautiful castle sunset. But she probably wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway. It was a great last full day – I love the atmosphere of Main Street and I spent a lot of time soaking it in.

IMG_0530 IMG_0555 IMG_0701 IMG_0706 IMG_0713

Thursday: Doctor Who


Her Universe Doctor Who villains dress, Forever 21 leggings, Keds

Back to fandom! Nice and easy to fly in. We spent the morning at Hollywood Studios and did the hilarious Frozen sing along and hit a street show, then I headed to Epcot for one last swing around the world and ate a ton (Lunch in Norway, followed by Puerto Rican fried plantains, Patagonian beef with chimichurri and Canadian apple ice wine), and then headed back to the resort for a rest before my evening flight. I love our resort – I spent time by the river every morning and the design of the buildings coupled with the jazz just always makes me so happy. I spent my last half hour there sprawled on a bench by the river and really relaxing for the first time in a long time. It was a perfect day.



Happy sigh.

I’ve got 400 pics uploaded on my Flickr if you love Disney World as much as I do, hee. Everything I mentioned and more is over there. All told, we walked about 60 miles over 7 days, burning about 7000 calories, which is good, because we ate a LOT, ha.

Countdown to our next trip: 25 months! πŸ˜‰


8 thoughts on “17-23 October 2014: DISNEY WORLD

  1. Our favorite resort to stay at is the Yacht Club, and the highlight is always dinner at the Yachtsman’s Steakhouse. Outside of Victoria & Albert’s, we think that it is the best overall dining experience, from food to service to atmosphere. We also love Norway, but I’m Norwegian and can’t help but love it. Sorry Snow White was snippy; maybe they had a Snow who is also a Jasmine, and she forgot which Princess she was. When I met Glenn, I was staying at the newly opened Dixie Landings, now part of Port Orleans (the southern mansions bit). I am glad you had a great trip, in spite of the Food & Wine Festival feasters!


    • This was our second time eating at the Yachtsman because Jennie dreams of their lobster bisque, hee. We like it. I like that whole area – next time, I hope to get us in at Cape May and Beaches and Cream. Apparently we save $90 a month for the next two years, we can stay at the Boardwalk!

      We stayed at those mansions last time we went – super pretty, but French Quarter is best for us. Though I’d like to stay at the cabins in Riverside sometime, too.

      Definitely a fun time! Twirl.


  2. lovely round up! So happy to see how each of your outfits worked out. πŸ™‚ I *love* the tiara, it’s got hearts! so cute. (and my wedding tiara was only like $16 – they don’t have to be expensive to be pretty :giggle: of course, it might look a little better after all these years if it were a little higher quality, but I might be able to buff out the discoloration) The combo for Goofy really worked. I love the Doctor Who dress. and yay Lizzie Bennet πŸ™‚


    • I’m really pleased with the outfits! Especially Goofy. The Elsa top is a little too oversized, but I think it worked for the most part. And I was really surprised how inexpensive most of the tiaras were – not something you can often say about Disney, ha.


  3. I gotta say, my favorite resort is “Europe”. They have actual real castles, great food, great music. beaches, easy to get there and get around, etc. And it’s just not that expensive. Somebody with your amount of class and obvious intelligence would fit in really well actually.


    • I’m a fan of Europe myself! I’ve been once and there’s more I’d love to see – and you’re very kind. But the flights alone cost just about what my entire portion for Disney was, so it’s currently out of reach. One day!


  4. Ah wow! Looks like y’all had so much fun! Love the Goofy outfit too – nicely done! 25 months until your next visit! That’s entirely too long! Hehe
    Oh my gosh the food! So funny how Disney became such a foodie destination! We have a friend who’s a pastry chef at DisneyLand – he’s been there for forever now.
    Glad to hear y’all had a great time, Florida heat notwithstanding!


    • SO MUCH FUN!!! And yes, 25 months is far too long. But I booked my room for Disneyland in 3.5 months for Dapper Days, which is very exciting, too. πŸ˜‰ My first time since I was a preschooler.

      The food really is great, and who would have thunk it? Pretty awesome job for your friend!


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