27 and 28 October 2014: Long Skirts

The weather has been kind this week – it was in the 70s when I returned from Florida, hit nearly 80 on Monday and then slowly dropped. It’s 45* right now, and might barely hit 40* tomorrow – poor trick or treaters! But if I’d gone from 90 to 45, it’d have been painful!


Harry David tank, Anthropologie midi skirt, Croft and Barrow cardigan, anthropologie hairband, Minnie necklace, BoC Canty booties

I had a dad compliment me on my tiara, and I was so confused. I hadn’t really worn it work, had I?? Nope. Just the fancy headband, and he only had sons, ha. Also, new Minnie Mouse necklace. ❤

Which reminds me – I kept running into a woman wearing the Kate Spade Lyric dress Wednesday at the park – she looked great, but how brave do you have to be to wear Kate Spade to Disney World?? That said, though, my take away from the Halloween party was to go all out for Dapper Day this spring, which means I will probably also be wearing Kate Spade to the park. Unless I go anthro. Or true vintage. (Probably not that one.) I guess you’re just very careful, ha.


floral peplum top, Brooks Brothers skirt, Kate Spade cardigan, White Cliff flats

I was going back, tagging Disney things, and read my note to try this top in autumn. This cardi looks very springy, and I love how it looks with the shell, but since it’s cashmere (a score at under $90), it’s super warm. Made it perfect for autumn, and hopefully the grey skirt brought it into season properly. I don’t often wear this one, but I do like it. And I feel like this came out fun and Edwardian-ish. That effect was increased with my coat, which was super fun.


3 thoughts on “27 and 28 October 2014: Long Skirts

  1. Glancing back at your posts, it seems you’re able to dress modestly while still looking very chic. I think your fitness level contributes to this. It’s a good place to be.


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