10 and 11 November 2014: Almost caught up

We went from 60+ on Monday to 28* Wednesday through today. Madness! I love it.


anthropologie emperor kiss sweater, old navy flirt skirt, old navy tights, Crown Vintage boots

And cold weather meant I got to pull out my penguins, yay!!!


Jcrew Factory Charley sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Hue tights, Mickey necklace, Crown Vintage boots

Mickey forever, yo. Also, yay, I get to pull out this sweater again, too! I love it so.

I stopped at the mall on my way home and discovered that my local Lush closed down in Macy’s to move to a stand alone store, but the standalone store isn’t open yet. TIMING, PEOPLE. Work on it! So I picked up a new lipstick, bought some tea and, uh, browsed the Disney store. They had the Elsa Keep Calm and Let it Go shirt I’ve been wanting, and it’s sold out online, so I had to get it. They had it in black and blue, and the blue was nicer, but in medium and the black was in small, which is my Disney shirt size. The saleslady kept pushing me towards the medium, and when I went small, she assumed I wanted a gift receipt. No, lady. I’m in a puffy jacket, but I know my sizes. It didn’t really bother me, it was more amusing than annoying, but I’m a wee little sensitive because my jeans aren’t fitting as they should. All of my other bottoms are fine, and I think it’s because I got a darker wash than usual and those always seem to run smaller, but still! Makes me grr.


2 thoughts on “10 and 11 November 2014: Almost caught up

  1. Love the penguin sweater! Critter stuff is such my weakness.
    Brr on the cold! We finally got some decent chilly wx here, which has been fun. Least I think so, but I mention that to others & they get all ornery about it. Mind you, these are the same folks who whine about the heat. Can’t never win.
    So weird the Lush store is not yet opened. It should be a round the clock battle to get that thing open yesterday! Funny how some SA’s can’t help but be too annoying. It’s usually a personality thing, but it sucks when they can’t see when it’s happening & can’t dial it down a notch or seven.
    We are putting up our Christmas stuff….now! Yah! I make no apologies for it! Makes me so dang happy, so why not extend the happy stuff out longer. Even the husband is onboard with this. It was actually his suggestion.


    • There are not enough people who understand how awesome cold weather is. Who doesn’t love cuddly clothes and brisk air and red cheeks?

      I couldn’t believe they had timed Lush so poorly! I mean, come on. Seriously. Luckily, I’m meeting a friend at a different mall this weekend, and their Lush is open! But yeah, the SAs are a crapshoot. Most can take a hint, but others are way too clingy and annoying.

      LUCKY! I think mine is going up next weekend. I bought some super adorable stuff from Pier 1 – an LED lantern and a snowy twiggy snowflake, plus penguin lipgloss. Two of my stations are playing Christmas music, and it is time. It’s always so much cheerier when everything is up!


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