5 and 6 November 2014: More catch up

Another small catch up post! TWO local stations have gone Christmas (one full time, the other a blend alternating with pop songs) and so I am curled up with coffee and oatmeal and wishing I had a fireplace, ha.


Anthropologie Space dyed Cowl Sweater, Kate Spade Jillian skirt, Hue tights, Mickey necklace, Bass Heritage boots

I remember testing this outfit last January, but I don’t think I ever wore it. Alas, my friend and I were walking back from lunch when the heel cap was lost forever. It meant a lot of sliding and skidding as I walked. No fun. 😦 I’m going to bring it to the cobbler tomorrow at lunch and see if he can add another one.


Gap tank, Loft military skirt, anthropologie sequinned cardigan, Mickey necklace, Crown Vintage boots

Oddly fancy. I knew that as I put it on, and decided that I didn’t care. Sparkling is fun and I felt so awful that day.

I think I forgot to take a picture on Friday. Or else they didn’t come out? I can’t remember what I wore. Jeans. I drove up to my parents to hang out and play with this little guy:


He has a towel he likes to snuggle with, but I think he was asking for a quilt of his own, hee.


2 thoughts on “5 and 6 November 2014: More catch up

  1. Whoa bummer about the heel cap. Any kind of wardrobe malfunction puts me in a tailspin, especially shoe woes. Get thee to a cobbler stat!
    Wow Bingo is getting bigger – filling up the photo at a pretty good clip. How’s puppy training going?
    We have been tending to a tiny little feral cat that we found in the forest behind our house. We can’t let her inside our house as we have pet parrots & my husband is allergic to cats, so we’ve essentially turned our front porch into a little cat living area. I’ll need to figure out what to do with her here soon, but for now, she’s doing alright. Got her a little warm snuggly bed inside a waterproof box & she is getting fed. Need a cat?


    • The boot should be ready tomorrow! But I only brought the one, and she said I should have brought both so they wouldn’t be uneven. Which I never even thought of!! So I will bring this one home and see if they are uneven, and if so, bring them both so they can match. It was only $10, which I think is awesome.

      He’s so much bigger! I was looking at his puppy-puppy pictures today and it’s so crazy. He’s generally pretty well trained – totally potty trained, and he’s much better about not jumping on people. He mostly only forgets with me, ha. Dad’s going to take him to a training class to fine tune commands in a few weeks.

      Poor kitty!! My coworker has been doing the same with three feral kittens – she had them captured and in her house for awhile, but they escaped out the window. Sounds like she’s getting more domesticated, which is good!


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