3 and 4 November 2014: Slow catch up

Unplanned hiatus! Sorry. Allergies have been terrible, and so I basically collapse after work. I’m breaking my catch up into chunks, so here we go.



Coldwater Creek top, JCrew skirt, sweater rights, BoC Canty Booties

Totally digging how this came out! I think it’s the red tights – I think I normally do brown with these but red was perfect.



Shawl sweater, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinnies, anthropologie cardigan, Sweet 554 Mary Janes

Another outfit I am totally digging. Man, I was on a roll. A coworker commented that I looked so tall and man, I did. The shoes don’t really have a heel, so it was all about these awesome proportions. I should try to find more like it.

Look what I did with my extra hour from Daylight Saving!



It’s done!!!!! It’s all washed and everything. I’m super pleased with it, flaws and all. Next up, a runner for my mother.


4 thoughts on “3 and 4 November 2014: Slow catch up

  1. The quilt is adorable! Nicely done! It’s so happy colored. Got a good mix of Laura Ingalls & Laura Ashley going on! Love seeing how other people can be creative. Makes me want to bust out the sewing machine, but alas, still pretty eyeball deep with school stuff & will be for the foreseeable future. Ah well, first world problems!
    Love the second outfit the most – the navy color looks great on you. Have to agree, you do look taller!


    • Thank you!! And ha, that is a good description for it. It’s all 30s reproduction prints, and it makes me smile to look at it.

      I definitely need to get more jewel-y and blue sweaters this year. Must hie me off to the consignment store, heh.

      is there light at the end of the school tunnel yet??


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