20, 21, 22 November: Old Favorites

This was mostly a week of redoing favorite outfits. Instant cute, not much planning. Ideal!


Forever 21 sailor sweater, JCrew pleated skirt, Hue tights, Biviel t-strap heels

And luckily I have coworkers who jump right in and adjust my collars as needed, ha. This time around it felt less anime and more Sound of Music, but I’ll take it.


Bar III striped dress, ANA cardigan, vintage brooch, Forever 21 Love necklace, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

I will always want to wear this dress. Can you tell it got warm? Back to the 50s. Short sleeves!


anthropologie Emperor Kiss sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, snowflake necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I met my friend for lunch and shopping at a new-to-me mall and we had a great time! I also stopped in Lush and got their new Baked Alaska citrus soap (totally reminds me of the Northern Lights soap a few years ago that I always regretted not getting) and some First Snow glittery dusting powder. Friends, I shall glitter for a very long time. On purpose.


2 thoughts on “20, 21, 22 November: Old Favorites

  1. Oh man did I go back n forth about getting First Snow. I ended up going with the LE Clinique snowflake loose sparkley pink powder thing instead (part of their holiday Nutcracker Suite collex).
    I actually have all the ingredients to make my own homemade Lush products (like bubble bars, bath bombs, etc). It’s an early Christmas gift & my attempt at being all crafty-like. Just gotta find the time to do said crafty stuff.
    Btw, wow you’re hair is getting super long. Your braids are giving the penguins a little hairdo of their own.


    • Ooh, I just looked that up and that looks awesome. I love the Lush powders, but the packaging SUCKS. I used to have a filled powder brush I got from Sephora many years ago, which is sort of my holy grail, but I can’t even find empty pots. I’m using a brush and empty Lush sample pot. Clinque’s looks much better. Also, pink. Nice.

      Okay, that is super cool. When you do them, let me know how it goes! None of the holiday bath stuff scents appealed to me much this year, and making my own could be cool…

      And ha, yes, my poor hair. I need to figure out what I’m doing with it. I still like pigtailing it and putting it up, so I don’t want to chop it like I normally do in winter, but just taking a few inches off seems silly. So out of sheer indecisiveness, it grows and grows!


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