2-6 December 2014: Touch of Sparkle

So many days of going to bed early! I’m not sick, just exhausted. But on the plus side, my holiday fun has begun!


H&M polka dot dress, Loft cardigan, Keep Calm necklace, Alex and Ani bracelets, Bass Heritage boots

Always a fun dress to wear! For some reason, I always get compliments on it.


Disney tee, Old Navy skirt, Hue tights, hairband, Keds

Yeah. This was not a great day. I was super tired, didn’t bother washing my hair, had to hide it, didn’t feel awesome, wanted to dress cute to get my mojo up but didn’t have the energy and so defaulted to Elsa.


Anthropologie space-dyed sweater, JCrew button skirt, Mickey necklace, Kenneth Cole shoes

Walked to two morning errands and switched to flats.


Gap top, Black Market White House sweater, Old Navy Flirt capris, Mickey necklace, Keds

Staff Day fun. Apparently my braids take five years off my life, ha. And they do, but I’m cutting it all off this week and wanted to get one last pair in!

Hmm, apparently I didn’t upload Saturday’s pic. And I didn’t even take one on Sunday, wtf? But I had a holidayish weekend. On Saturday, my family came in  – my parents went out to dinner and I hung out with my brother and worked on Christmas cards. Then I went to a choir concert in a local church, with absolutely gorgeous English Christmas songs. Sunday, I met my dear friend and her toddler for our annual Christmas outing – mall, shopping, baby snuggles. A+.


11/30: Disney livestreamed their Christmas parade. ❤ ❤ ❤ It was lovely.

12/1: Pier 1 pillow! So cute. I wish their pillows weren’t so pricy.

12/2: Decorating my place! Garland star in the kitchen.

12/3: Our activity room is covered in bubble wrap. It’s crazy!

12/4: Sparkly stars! Our Winter Reading Program just began and there is snow and stars everywhere.

12/5: Christmas candy from my manager!

12/6: Church, pre-concert. It was a nice little place. I admit, the churches of my youth were great big marble and stained glass Things, and it’s been weird to not see any of that in the suburbs I’ve since lived in. (I say that like I’ve been to many churches, which I haven’t. But the first time we went to my post-city church, I asked when they would finish building it. Ha.)

I like walking around and seeing lights everywhere. ❤




10 thoughts on “2-6 December 2014: Touch of Sparkle

  1. Love the outfits! I saw that you wore a skirt, tights and your keds, it looks really cute and I hope it was very comfortable. I find wearing bright colours do make me feel more cheery. Hope your mojo gets refueled. Oh here is a site that I order tights from, they have lots of colours. http://www.welovecolors.com/Shop/NylonOpaqueTights.htm
    Good Luck with Holiday shopping (PS you do look younger when your hair is in braided pigtails)


  2. Awww, gonna miss the braids! They are really adorable & do make you look younger. But I totally get wanting to have shorter hair. Anytime I let my hair grow long – it’s only so that I can cut it short again.
    Loved seeing the houses decorated too! That’s always fun to see.
    The polka dot dress is super cute!
    Aw man the bubble wrap room! Freaky cool. Bet that was loud if enough kids are popping the bubbles! So what was the purpose of the bubble wrap room anyways?


    • I knoooooooooow, me too. I wore them Heidi-style yesterday too. It’s going to be awhile before I can do that again, sigh. But my hair really needs a break from being weighed down, I think.

      The bubble wrap is SO LOUD OMG. They fling themselves at the wall and it echoes throughout the department, ugh. We have a room that rotates themes/activities every month and this month is a stress reliever. *g* For the patrons, maybe. Not so much staff!


  3. Here in my country (the states) we have Christmas carols and traditions from just about EVERY European country, seems like. But especially the north, from England and Germany and France. Plus a few ancient Latin hymns. Seems like that “Father Christmas” dude really gets around. (I am a mix myself – English, Welsh, German)


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