14 and 15 December: Seize the White Christmas!

Which is to say, I saw Newsies this weekend, and then White Christmas in the theater. You guys. Newsies was so amazing. I am a sucker for dancing, and these were very talented men dancing and leaping and ballet spinning and tapping. And we were five rows from the stage and it was so incredibly lovely, I can’t squee enough! I also hung out at the local German Christmas market.

Halogen sweater, Gap skirt, Forever 21 necklace, Mickey necklace, vintage tree pin, Kate Spade glitter fishnets, Bass Heritage boots

It was a gorgeous 50 degree day….which meant there wasn’t much moving around at the market because the hordes of people. But I did get my plum germknoedel:


And hit anthropologie:


I was initially un-thrilled with the extra volume it gives, but I sort of like it. But I need it an inch or so shorter, I think, hitting just below my knee.

And on to Vermont:

Forever 21 sweater, Forever 21 plaid skirt, Forever 21 hair bow, vintage brooch, keds

I wore Keds because I meant to walk at lunch, and yet, I did not. Oops. I tried to go a little retro-y, but I don’t think I got there. I got a patron compliment, but I think this was one of my more out there looks. Lol

I can’t get over how amazing the movie looked on the big screen! I’m spoiled now. I don’t know how I can enjoy it on the small screen now, hee. The dancing was incredible so huge, and Danny Kaye even more charming and it was just fun. When my friend and I got there, we were half the audience….and brought the average age down a generation or two. Three others came in late, but it was tiny. Everyone else’s loss!!


3 thoughts on “14 and 15 December: Seize the White Christmas!

  1. Hope the weather stays nice enough for walks. I’m glad you gotten a complement as well! the plaid skirts your wearing would look great with your red pair. The best thing to do is take a pic and show it to friends, or post it. If you get good reviews you know that you wore it well. But the other thing is as long as you feel comfortable then that is all that matters. Your hair looks really cute!! Have a great day. ;o)


    • It’s been in the 40s! I actually heard birds chirping this morning, it’s crazy. But good for the walks!

      Hmm, I can totally see the red keds with that skirt. Thanks for the idea!


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