16-19 December 2014: Christmas Colors

My goal was new remixes on my usual Christmas outfits. I succeeded there, though I’m not totally sold on them.


Harry David tank, H&M cardigan, JCrew button skirt, Sock Dreams lace socks, brooch,, jingle bracelet, Keep calm neckace, BoC Canty booties

My friend commended me on autumn, but I was aiming more Christmas tree, ha. Second day curls doing weird things. I finally bought clips for my hot rollers, so we’ll see what those experiments yield.


Jones NY tie top, Maurice’s polka dot skirt, vintage candle brooch, Mickey necklace, green bracelet, White Cliff flats

Yeah. I tried. I wanted to bring this top back, but I don’t think I succeeded. It’s a bit boxy, and that makes it hard to match a good bottom with.


Glitter top, Merona skater skirt, Victoria’s Secret leggings, anthropologie hairband, Mickey necklace, jingle bracelet, Crown Vintage booties

This one did come out just as planned, so, hurrah! The skirt is short and fitted, neither of which is my usual wheelhouse, but I am a sucker for skater skirts so I persist in trying to wear it. I love the effect, even if it’s not 100% comfortable.


Gap top, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, vintage bell brooch, Mickey necklace, gift bow hairclip, jingle bracelet, Bass by Rachel Antonoff saddle shoes

A cheery outfit for the last Friday before a week vacation. (Last Friday, not last day; I also worked Sunday.) My phone does not always like to take pics upside down, which is easiest to hold, and I don’t understand why – it works 90% of the time! And then it doesn’t and I get funky angles. But at least you can see my pretty Disney castle right side up.

I officially have everything I need bought, and everything that needed to be mailed is mailed. Huzzah! I’ve been reading and catching up on TiVo, all Christmassy stuff. Now to put on A Christmas Carol Concert and wrap everything. I think some white hot chocolate with my peppermint syrup will also be a grand addition to my afternoon plans!

I’m planning one more post before the holidays, so fingers crossed.

7 thoughts on “16-19 December 2014: Christmas Colors

  1. Love the outfits Shelley and I agree with katespadegirl, the red sweater with the polka dot skirt looks really cute. I would also wear that outfit with saddle shoes(or red keds) and white tights. I also love dancing movies, may I give you 2 suggestions i think you will like
    1) “A Pirate Movie” (modern version of the Pirates of Penzance)
    2) “Swing Kids” very young Christian Bale as in Newsies

    Have a great Christmas and I am not sure what the weather is like where you are, however hopefully it will be somewhat of a White Christmas as well.Can’t wait for you to do more outfit posts!! ;o)


    • Thanks! I’ll definitely keep those ideas in mind next time I pull out this skirt or the top.

      I’ve always meant to watch Swing Kids, I’ll have to find it at the library — and A Pirate Movie sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the recs!
      Happy Christmas!!


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