21 and 22 December 2014: Christmas Prep

Final days to get things ready!


JCrew snowflake top, H&M cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, vintage tree brooch, bow hairpin, Keds

Still no snow, so I bring my own. Apparently we’re going to get clocked Christmas eve? Not bad timing, really.

I’ve had a few things going with my nails, but this is my favorite:


The green has stuck around for well over a week with very little wear, it’s astounding. The grey is OPI Glee and I love it because it shines green or purple depending on light, and the green shine looks great with the green accent. When that chipped, I left the green and made rose gold be the main color. It looks great.


Gap drape neck top, H&M cardigan, vintage tree brooch, jingle bracelet, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, Keds

Last minute errands, done! Everything mailed, check! Christmas movies watched, check and check and check. Yay.



Rudolf pillow sewn for my brother: check.

I was going to post today’s outfit, but it’s just another red top and jeans, ha. I own a lot of red.
So, instead, I leave you with this holiday post card and wish you all a merry week, whatever you celebrate. Hugs to you all!



4 thoughts on “21 and 22 December 2014: Christmas Prep

  1. LOVE the Rudolph pillow! Probably my most favorite & cherished holiday tv show ever!
    Aw man, the Jcrew snowflake tee. Drats. I have yet to find that tee in stock or in my size (new, not used) on ebay either. I at least have the reindeer sequin tee’s, but still…the snowflake tee eludes me. Same with their island a-line skirt from 2008 give or take a year. I hold out hope!
    Anyhoo, love your festive attire – good suggestions & inspirations!


    • It’s my brothers favorite too! I’m excited to see what he thinks of it. (Me, I’m partial to Mickeys Christmas Carol and Plutos Christmas a Tree, ha.)

      Reindeer sequin tee???? Oh my word, I had no idea such a thing exists, but that is marvelous! I wish you msuch success in the hunt for these items in 2015! Merry tidings, friend.


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