Project 365 catch up

a quick catch up!


Dec 7/Santa Shrek house

Dec 8/Pins we’re giving out at work – the Twelfth Doctor and Hogwarts represent our upcoming Scottish program, the ornament is in Welsh because I like Welsh.

Dec 9/Snow!

Dec 10/One of the Christmas cards I made this year.

Dec 11/Kids Christmas concert at work

Dec 12/Taking American Girl dolls around our department for a photo shoot

Dec 13/Christmas tree in my apartment lobby!


Dec 14/Newsies!

Dec 15/White Christmas in theaters!! Can you tell the question for this answer?

Dec 16/The photoshoot was for our new collection of dolls to circulate, yay.

Dec 17/My friend sent me tons of pics from Disney World. Technically, I took this in that it’s a photo of a photo she sent?

Dec 18/I organize an ornament exchange, and this year, I got my exchange ornament plus this awesome super elf as thanks for running it. ❤

Dec 19/Crazy flock of birds swarming from tree to tree.

Dec 20/Tea and lavender cookie bought on my walk after my cookie baking day got canceled.

Also, this is what I baked instead:


It was meant to be gingerbread brownies, but I didn’t pay enough attention to the recipe and it ended up being gingerbread cake. Slightly singed. Oh, well.



3 thoughts on “Project 365 catch up

  1. Yummy looking cake!!!

    You get to have photo shoots with American Girl dolls?! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I think i like my daughter’s more than she does!! (I seriously have never grown up, OOPS)

    More photos!!! 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

    ❤ Jules


    • I seriously love my job – I got to buy them for the department, dress one of them, and yes, take them all around for photo shoots! Now they are all checked out and spending winter break with different girls, which I love. I’m a huge AG fan – I started collecting them when I was a kid, saving my money every year. It wasn’t until high school that I got one as a gift. I miss Molly, she looked just like me. ❤ What doll does your daughter have?


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