2 January 2015: Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Biggest win of last week: properly dating something 2015 instead of 2014! Biggest win of this week….stay tuned.


Modcloth snowflake dress, BP cardigan, vintage brooch, anthropologie hairband, Frozen light up snowflake wand, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

We started our year with another Frozen singalong!! I was nervous if the dress would fit, I feel like I’ve gained weight lately, but that was a baseless fear–completely comfortable and possibly an even better fit than August. Go figure.

And yes, I did buy a light up snowflake wand in Disney World. And used it to call order at the film. I declined to wear my tiara, though. Thought that might be a step too far. 😉 Got a lot of patron compliments on the dress, though, which is always nice. I can’t wait to do a third one this summer…the plan is to have Anna and Elsa there for photo ops. Fingers crossed.

So what was this week’s win? Waking up this morning and seeing SNOW. Our first proper snowfall!! I made some coffee, threw on jeans and an Elsa shirt, plugged my ear muffs into my iPod and walked. Four miles, one hours, gorgeous gorgeous snowglobey snowfall.



Pretty much, I looked like this:


And then I came home, changed into lounge wear, ate oatmeal and played The Sims all afternoon, ha. Rumor has it that we might get a big snowstorm later this week…my fingers are crossed!!


7 thoughts on “2 January 2015: Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

    • Snow yay! I’m such a big snow fan. I wish I could wear this dress more often, but it’s sleeveless and that makes it harder to wear when seasonably appropriate. But I always get happy wearing so, so I’m working on ways of making it winter fun.

      And the wand is super fun and worth the $10, hee.

      Happy new year!!


  1. Snow! It’s got to be exactly as you described – like being in a snowglobe! Keep the snow pictures comingI I imagine most mid-westerners & new englanders are sick of snow…but I see it so rarely & when it does “snow” here..it’s like every 4 years maybe & it’s as thin a layer as possible & is gone the next day.
    The snowflake dress sure looks as if it was made with you mind! Love the wand accessary – nicely done!


    • It is! This morning’s walk was amazing, little flakes floating around everywhere. It’s so pretty. Yeah, most people are complaining, but I’m happy to have solid snow cover these days. It’s supposed to get to the upper 20s this week, so I’ll even be able to walk around and enjoy it without freezing.

      I just wish the dress had sleeves and then it would be perfect! Glittery snow is so me.


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