14, 15 and 16 January 2015: Twirl

When I drove home last night, it was actually warmer than when I’d gotten to work! And we’re still above freezing today. Such a win. Such a win + some stress in my life = cute outfits.


Anthropologie sweater, Gap long sleeved thermal tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, knee socks, Naturalizer Mary Janes

So many layers! I don’t often wear this sweater because it’s itchy, but I do like that the there are open weave stripes to vary up the look depending on what’s under it. Also, very very warm.

Forever 21 Peter Pan sweater, Gap plaid skirt, grey tights, Disney grape soda pin, Tardis necklace, Naturalizer Mary Janes

Ahh, love this sweater. And this skirt. It’s too big, there are safety pins involved, but I love it. And I realized this sweater goes with at least three other skirts I own, so yay. Love the proportions here, and the colors worked out well. I love my Ellie pin–I thought I had an outfit in mind for Dapper Day this spring, but now I’m considering Disneybounding as Ellie in the yellow dress. I bought an Adventure Book necklace online from Hot Topic to go with it, possibly. We’ll see.

Anthropologie mompos dress, H&M cardigan, sweater clip, Tardis necklace, Disney grape soda pin, anthropolgie hairband, seamed hose, Me Too ballerina wedges

I was a little stressed on Friday, and so I reached for my best dress. God, I love this dress. I admit, I looked in the mirror, deciding between shoes, and went for the pair that made me say, “um, I look like Taylor Swift.” I mean, if you’re going there, go there. I love her street style.

No one saw my pin Thursday because it was covered by my shawl, so I tried again. And I did get a comment! Alas, no comments on the hose.

Aren’t they great? For all the retro things I wear, I don’t wear them nearly enough.

I’m helping out with family stuff this week (and over the weekend, hence late post) so I won’t have anything to post until the end of the week. Have some winter and puppy.




3 thoughts on “14, 15 and 16 January 2015: Twirl

  1. Great outfit posts! Love what you did with your plaid skirt and pink peter pan sweater. Works really well together! Grey tights works with it very well (are they light grey or a dark grey hard to tell). You could also wear either your pink or white tights with it. Love love your Anthropologie mompos dress! The cardigan gives it the right touch and it is very much something Taylor swift wore (she wore her navy keds instead)
    The red shoes add that right amount of pop to bring out the ensemble. I think you could wear your red keds with that as well.


    • Thank you! The tights are a dark grey, they just never photograph well, ha.

      The Mompos dress remains my all time favorite dress. I am definitely planning to wear it with my Keds when the weather gets warmer!!


  2. Hello!
    Oohh myyyyy! I just stumbled across your site and was really liking your pics (your body is awesome, and I love outfits!) but then I got to these two shots with this dress and was stopped in my tracks! As I was enjoying these two pics, I noticed you were wearing pantyhose under your dress and with that cute line up the back to boot, and I was just stunned! *kudos* I’m a big fan of nylons on ladies and wow, my attention was instantly taken! *sigh*
    Please do more, cus you look great! ( ugh, and I love that little heel twist you do in the pose, too..very tantalising! :):):)


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