22 and 23 January 2015: Color

Last week was weird. My routine was thrown all off and even my two regular work days weren’t at all regular. A little less thought than usual went into my outfits.


JCrew button back tee, H&M cardigan, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, brooch, Up Adventure Book necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I mostly wanted to pair purple and green together. Which then looked good with the simply adorable brooch my mom found for me on Zulily. And then I got the Up necklace, which goes with nothing, but it made me smile. When you open it, there’s a picture of Ellie and Carl, with Ellie’s message about the next adventure. LOVE. I’m debating wearing my yellow polka dot dress and white cardigan with the necklace and Grape Soda pin and being Ellie at Disneyland this spring.

Or just wearing it with the dress I really want to wear, which is 50s style and therefore Ellie style anyway. We’ll see.


Bar III dress, Old Navy tights, vintage key necklace, purple flower necklace, Bass heritage boots

Basic Lizzie Bennet outfit. I wanted something super comfortable for a 3 hour discussion of the best books of the year. It was time for our annual Mock Newbery and Caldecott day, and I was in charge of the Mock Newbery portion again. Below were our results:


If Brown Girl Dreaming doesn’t win the real thing, people will revolt in the streets. We called the next three down honors, and the final four were nominated but didn’t get the points. Technically, El Deafo (another amazing one) ought to have been the only honor, I suppose, but I was in charge and I really love Greenglass House. So.

Friday appeared to be the day to ditch Christmas trees around town. I saw a car dragging one behind it like a trailer, and then came across five in a row in the street:


This weekend, I worked on sewing my mom’s next table runner – red for Valentine’s Day on one side, green for St. Patrick’s Day on the other. I have to say, I love the flower sprays on the green side best. But I think it came out pretty nice.



4 thoughts on “22 and 23 January 2015: Color

  1. The table runners are really a neat idea – can you take a pic showing it full-length? Are the ends tapered? I’ve got a rather plain but super large square-shaped coffee table that could benefit from something like a runner. Never thought about making seasonal versions until. I saw your creations. Kinda loving the idea.
    Wow, folks are just trashing their Christmas tree’s? I love me some Christmas, but would be paranoid a real tree would be so far beyond dead that it would spontaneously combust in a raging fireball. This is exactly why I went for the artificial tree years ago. Well that & my then knucklehead Schiller Hound wouldn’t stop crawling inside a real tree destroying everything on said tree, including the tree itself.


    • I will post it this week! No tapering, it’s all straight lines. It’s really the easiest thing in the world – rectangles sewn in straight lines to make a bigger rectangle, ha. Super easy and I love that Mom and I thought to make it reverseable for maximum seasonal matching. I have some cute florals and patriotic strips for spring and summer, too.

      These people must have all bought their trees late, I hope! Because yeah, the dryness would freak me out. I have artificial now, too, and I love it – because mine is still up. 😉


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