26 and 27 January 2015: Patterns

I got a kilt! I think it’s too big, which is why I wore it to work, to test that theory out. I’m still unsure. I mean, it is too big. But the next size down loses 2 inches, which may make it more fitted than I prefer. And there’s no exchanges, just rebuying. HMM.


Gap sweater, ASOS corduroy kilt, Tardis necklace, grey tights, Crown Vintage booties

Yeah, yeah, it’s horridly wrinkled. I know. I suck. I still can’t decide. I can’t wear anything tucked in with it like this, and most of my tops cover the buckles, which is half the fun. But I love it. I’m torn, ugh.



Elie Tahari high-low top,  Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Tardis necklace, Froever 21 necklace, Crown Vintage booties

New top! My mom found it for me on Zulily, only marked down to $12 from $88. I love the fit and the style. It tucks into skirts super super well, too.

I got a collection of China Glaze polishes for Christmas and I have been having such fun with it! I’m struggling to find the collection name online, so I’ll add it in later. My current choice appears much darker blue/purple on my nail, with purple shimmer. Very bold and fun.




There are two amazing raspberries and an orange that I’ve used in a few combinations already. This felt very summery for January, but whatever, it made me very happy.


Also, check out these amazing street style shots from London- in 1906. I love the attutide!


4 thoughts on “26 and 27 January 2015: Patterns

  1. Sometimes a too big skirt can sit lower on your hips & be all 1990’s hip. But sometimes it can end up looking like a too large skirt that is gonna slide right off at all the wrong times.
    So maybe a tartan skirt is in the cards, but maybe not this particular skirt. For me, either it works…or it doesn’t. I’ve given up on beating something to fit or painting it to match, as rarely does it come out legitimately successful or comfortable.


    • Right? I can’t decide which category this one is in, though. I think I got it to the 90s hip by the end of the day. I think I also missed the ship back window. So. Team make it work? I think I can, too, but I really need to stop ordering too big again. It is impossible to make something work if you aren’t quite feeling it, you’re so right. I need to beat that back into my brain!!


  2. I love the kilt, looks really cute and I would say it is very versatile with your wardrobe. Will you be wearing it with knee socks or trouser socks? Oh do you have a pair of navy/white or black/white saddle shoes, I think that would look cute with it as well.


    • Thanks! I love the color and style, I just need to work on how to make it look right and not like it’s about to fall off, ha. I could definitely try it with knee socks, especially once the weather gets a little warmer!


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