2 and 4 February 2015: belated

This has been a crazy week of illness and asthma and winter.



Forever 21 sailor sweater, Merona pencil skirt, vintage glasses brooch, snowflake necklace, Biviel t-strap heels

This was asthma day. I’d set it on rollers the night before after spending two straight days watching Mad Men. After struggling to walk to work through unshoveled paths, my hair didn’t make it. This is what it started as:



I like curls.




Maurice’s polka dot top, Gap tank, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Disney Grape Soda pin, snowflake necklace, Crown Vintage booties

I needed a splash of very bright color. I succeeded there. Pity the outfit isn’t better! I need to ditch this top – it just doesn’t fit me right.

I was off sick Wednesday and I think I maybe forgot to take a picture either Tuesday or Thursday, and then I was off Friday, so I’ll be back next week, basically. LOL Have some additional snowfall:




2 thoughts on “2 and 4 February 2015: belated

  1. Hope you feel better. Asthma is difficult to live with.

    Boy you sure have a pretty face! We don’t get that many closeups because the focus is on on outfits, but you really do have nice features.


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