7, 9, 10 February 2015: Having Fun

I’ve never cared much about Valentine’s Day as a holiday, but I really love  good excuse to dress thematically!

Saturday didn’t count.


Dalek Snowman tee, JCrew button skirt, SockDreams knee highs, BoC Canty Booties

Saturday work day! I started with a cardigan over this, but shed it most of the day. No one noticed the Dalek, boo. But I also wanted to show off my cute (and very cheap) new colored bobby pins from Sephora. They hold incredibly well, I’m so pleased.


And now on to thematic.


Loft Sunkissed Tee, Kate Spade beaded cardigan, Old Navy Flirt skirt, Old Navy tights, vintage sweater clip, XO Crown necklace, Biviel T-Strap heels

I’ve gotten into big style ruts this winter, practically afraid of my own closet. I’m trying to break through that and pull out items I love but haven’t worn.

20150210-224007.jpgJCrew Charley sweater, Ruche plaid skater skirt, vintage penguin brooch, Disney necklace, hairscarf, Merona fleece tights, Crown Vintage booties

Aww, yay, I love when an outfit comes out looking exactly how I want it!! If this could be my uniform (sweater with circle skirt and booties with hairband), I would be happy. I want more wide hairbands like this.

I stopped at the consignment store at lunch for a pick me up. There wasn’t much good there, but I found these two:


I sort of like it. But I don’t love it? The boxy fall, maybe? Bit low cut? But I like the dots and tie. I don’t love it, so it’s probably a no go.

But really, I’m mostly sad I don’t have the life to pull this one off:


PINK SEQUINS. I mean, come ON. It’s awesome! It’s just the tiniest bit too big, but I love it madly. But even for $15, I do not have the life to support this. Unfortunately. But I’ll always have the picture.


7 thoughts on “7, 9, 10 February 2015: Having Fun

  1. Of course my initial reaction to the pink is “va va voom!”. But I can see why the occasions to wear it might be limited. But hey, you make the life you want, right? This might be fine for the occasional opera opening. Especially with a blazer or something.


  2. Love the outfits!! First outfit looks great for something like steampunk or something like Indiana Jones movie going. Your second is really sweet looking (I hope you don’t find that insulting). Its not over the top. The red top with your plaid skirt is just darling. And the grey dress is really cute, I would consider wearing white tights and pair it with grey or silver ballet flats. I think the pink sequin dress would look cute for a either Valentine’s date (New Year’s Eve as well) or going to a rock concert. I hope your doing well, and that I have not insulted you in some way. You sort of stopped responding to your posts. Oh I hope your asthma is not getting the best of you. Take care! ;o)


    • Thanks! And nope, I’m totally down with looking sweet – with the colors I pick and combine, sometimes you just have to roll with it! I am such a fan of my plaid skirt, and I don’t know why I’ve been hesitant to keep pulling it out this winter. It’s so divinely twirly!!!

      I’ve definitely gotten lax about comment responding – most evenings I’m crashing on the couch rather than being productive or social. I’m working on it, though, and it’s definitely not anything personal! I went through and responded to a bunch yesterday at lunch, so hopefully I don’t let them stack up so much again. 🙂


  3. So my initial reaction to the sequin pink number was to crack up laughing as it reminds me of my aunt who lived a rather colorful & cosmopolitan life. She hung with the Rat Pack back in the day & was a devil-may-care, take-no-prisoners, screw-em-if-they-can’t-take-a-joke, life-is-for-living, cig-on-a-stick, everything-goes-better-with-gin, kinda dame. She was a mix between Auntie Mame & Holly Golightly. She was the type who would wear a hot pink sequin dress on a Tuesday cause she could!
    Anyhoo, the polka dot number. Hrm…not sure if that one is doing you any favors. Not the best fit maybe?
    LOVE the plaid skirt, red sweater number! Really retro yet modern. Nicely done!


    • Your aunt sounds amazing!! The Rat Pack? Geez, I love it. So cool. I love people who wear pink sequins on Tuesdays just ’cause. *g*

      Yeah, I think the fit may be weird in the polka dots. I’ve been having zero luck at the consignment store lately. ‘Tis a bummer.

      I’m really digging the plaid and sweater, too. Twirly, yay!


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